I Moved To Vancouver A Year Ago & These 5 Tourist Activities Are Overrated AF

Avoid these!

Vancouver, B.C. Right: Person on Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Vancouver, B.C. Right: Person on Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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Whether you're making the move to Vancouver like I did, or are planning a visit, you'll want to have a short list of places to see. The city is huge, and there are a ton of tourist attractions, but not all of them are worth spending time at.

Some are way too overpriced, and others are just super overrated for what they actually offer.

After living in Vancouver for a year, I've been able to see a lot — and not everything impressed me. You'll probably recognize all of these names, but trust me, there's so much more out there to see.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This is a go-to spot for anyone coming to B.C., and it's actually really beautiful. The catch though is how expensive it is.

Pair that with the fact that there are a ton of free suspension bridges in the area — that are equally as stunning — makes it a pass for me.

Granville Island

This is yet another popular spot for people to hit up when they're in town, but it was lacking for me.

I don't really understand the hype. It's just a really overcrowded area with some good restaurants, but not a must-see spot.

Gastown Steam Clock

I went to go and see the steam clock my first weekend in the city, after seeing tons of photos and even having it recommended to me.

Turns out, it's pretty boring. It's super anti-climax waiting around for the clock to make a sound, and then everyone just walks away.


In my opinion, it's way smarter to go to all of the neighbourhoods surrounding downtown when visiting. Areas like Mount Pleasant are close by but have way more character and still have great food and shopping.

To get more of a West Coast feel head to North Van to see nature, and avoid the busy downtown area.

Kitsilano Beach​

In the warmer months, this is definitely the first stop for many people coming to town. It has a nice view of the city and harbour, but there are way better beaches in the city. Because this is a tourist hot spot, it's wildly overcrowded too.

Instead, make the trip down to Wreck Beach, or even go down to Spanish Banks for slightly fewer crowds.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.