Katy Perry Threw A Brutal Curveball At This Canadian Contestant On 'American Idol'

It's a roller coaster...

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​Katy Perry judging on 'American Idol.' Right: Cameron Whitcomb performing.

Katy Perry judging on 'American Idol.' Right: Cameron Whitcomb performing.

Cameron Whitcomb, an 18-year-old from Kamloops, B.C., has been buzzing his way through this season of American Idol.

Katy Perry decided to throw him for a loop in the most recent episode of the popular show.

The top 24 American Idol contestants were chosen, and after being given some feedback, it seemed like Whitcomb didn't make the cut.

Thankfully, Perry was just messing with him, and he did in fact make it to the next round.

For his performance, he sang "It Ain't Me Babe" by Bob Dylan for the judges and, of course, ended it off with his signature celebration — a shocking backflip.

After performing, Whitcomb sat down with the judges in a room.

"You know, you're kind of a head-scratcher for us," Perry told Whitcomb.

She mentioned that he had a fidgety performance and she didn't know if he was going to take the competition seriously enough.

"Unfortunately, you're not going to make our 'Top 25,'" Perry said.

It was actually heartbreaking to see Whitcomb's super disappointed face. She didn't make him suffer for long, though.

"But that's okay because there is no 'Top 25.' There's a 'Top 24,' and you are making it," she quickly added.

All of the judges had huge grins on their faces from the sneaky trick played by Perry.

It seems like this might be a pattern for Perry — since she previously teased Whitcomb about his thick Canadian accent.

After the roller coaster of emotions, he can now continue to backflip his way through the competition — because he is officially moving on to the next round!

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