People Are Sharing How They Made New BFFs When They Moved To Vancouver & It's Kinda Cute

Who doesn’t love a good friendship story?

People Are Sharing How They Made New BFFs When They Moved To Vancouver & It’s Kinda Cute

Making friends in a new city is seriously hard, but people on Reddit are sharing how they did it in Vancouver, and some of the stories are super cute.

As a big city, a lot of people move to Vancouver every year, so luckily there are a ton of new people to connect with. It can still be tough to meet new people when you move, though.

You kind of feel like you're the new kid in school when you first move, desperate to find that one person you just click with. But from the looks of this Reddit thread, it is definitely possible to find a new bestie.

Some people made friends even in the darkest days of the pandemic and that time when Vancouver had a heat dome.

Lots of people met through their furry besties. Time to head to the dog park and start chatting!

Apparently, Bumble BFF actually works!

Like, really works.

Some stories sounded like they were straight out of a rom-com.

Just picture it — Paul Rudd as the coin dude and Jennifer Aniston as the girl at the bar. I'd watch that.

Best friend stories are just so cute.

OK, there was more than one that sounded like a great rom-com plot.

It might be time for you to pick up an instrument if you want friends.

Or if you're a good singer, that'll work too it seems like!

The most popular response though was definitely Bumble BFF!

Good luck!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.