A Vancouver Airport Worker Shares What The Most Annoying Bags People Bring On A Flight Are

His TikTok account shows where your luggage actually goes.

Vancouver airport worker loading bags in a TikTok video.

Vancouver airport worker loading bags in a TikTok video.

A worker at Vancouver Airport is getting real on his TikTok about what it's like loading bags onto a plane — and which ones are particularly annoying.

When you go on a trip and watch your bag disappear on the conveyor belt, how often do you wonder about how it actually gets on the plane?

This TikToker, known as @djsugue, is giving everyone a behind-the-scenes look at where your luggage goes, and what it's like for the workers.

Lots of people travel to Vancouver in the winter to head to one of the best ski resorts around — Whistler. Unfortunately for the airport workers, this means that there are lots of ski and snowboard bags to load and unload on the planes.

This TikToker named them the most annoying bag to load.


What do you guys like bringing to your flight? 🧳✈️ #foryou #viral #airport #rampagent #aviation

Watching the video of them all coming through, it makes total sense why. They are huge bags that he has to stack up, and they are probably pretty heavy too.

He looks exhausted from the hard work — sitting down in between loading the bags — although pretending to sleep on the job is one of his trademark moves on other videos.

Some of his videos are super mesmerizing to watch.


Do you ever wonder what the orders are when its getting loaded 🧳 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #rampagent #viral #trend #airport

The YVR worker has amassed a TikTok following of more than 379,000 and gained 17 million likes from sharing what his job is like.

It's super interesting to see what's happening below you while you're travelling on a plane. In some videos, he even showed how people's pets are stored under the plane.

He also shares some of his own trips.


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Between the TikTok fame and travelling experiences, his job seems pretty awesome.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.