Parts Of Vancouver Seawall Had To Close Due To King Tide Flooding & It Looks Wild (PHOTOS)

More rainfall is expected.

Vancouver seawall flooding.

Vancouver seawall flooding.

Parts of the seawall in Vancouver were closed yesterday, thanks to a storm and king tide pairing. Photos of the flooding have surfaced online, and The Weather Network predicts that there is more rain to come still.

The City of Vancouver issued a statement on Monday, warning people about the incoming weather. The City said that the seawall would be closed on the 27, due to "a king tide combined with a significant storm surge of ocean water," which was "anticipated to raise the tide to a historic high."

The storm hit hard, and people shared exactly how wild the flooding got.

Many captured the flooding at the seawall.

The weather didn't stop some people from going on their seawall jogs though!

The flooding wasn't just on the seawall either. Driving through the city looked tougher than usual this week.

North Vancouver also got a taste of the stormy weather.

The Weather Network said that while "Wednesday will give the rivers a brief chance to catch up to the runoff," the next system will arrive on Thursday.

This is expected to bring up to 60 millimetres of rainfall to the Lower Mainland.

"Snow lovers will have to appreciate this week’s snow because a more southern storm track looks to target northern California to start 2023, which will cause B.C. to enter another drier-than-normal pattern," TWN added.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.