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This Hidden Beach In BC Will Make You Feel Like You're In Hawaii

BC's tropical destination. 😎🍍
This Hidden Beach In BC Will Make You Feel Like You're In Hawaii

Even when you luck out and get a good flight deal to Hawaii, things like food and accommodation are pretty steep over there! If you really want to get away to a tropical beach this summer, then you can go to one right here in BC.Β 

Hornby Island is a little out of the way compared to other spots like Mayne, Pender or Salt Spring, making it a hidden gem on our coast. At Tribune Bay Provincial Park on Hornby Island, the beaches look almost exactly like Hawaii

If you love swimming, then you have to come here because it's one of the warmest saltwater swimming spots in the province during the summer. Planning a weekend getaway to Hornby Island is a lot easier than actually going all the way Hawaii and you might not even need to get any time off work!

The white sand beaches at Tribune Bay Provincial Park will really make you feel like you're in a tropical destination. The only things missing are palm trees and coconuts! Still, you could bring your own coconuts and pineapples to make it feel really authentic! The bay is so shallow that it makes the warm water look super clear and blue. After you're bored of hanging out on the gorgeous beach or swimming in the crystal blue waters, there's plenty of hiking trails you can go on.

Tribune Bay Provincial Park is on Hornby Island and it takes close to five hours to get there from Vancouver. You'll even need to take three ferries to get there. You're not allowed to camp, drink, have dogs or fires on the beach. Once you arrive, though, you'll actually be in paradise!