We Asked ChatGPT For Travel Tips & Here's How You Can Save Money When Planning Your Next Vacay

Don't wait until the last minute!

Woman planning a vacation. Right: Young woman holding a map and walking around Rome.
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Woman planning a vacation. Right: Young woman holding a map and walking around Rome.

If you're sick of the winter weather, there's a good chance you're looking forward to your next trip overseas — and that means you're probably looking for ways to cut costs on a pricey flight.

Just like with anything these days planning a trip can get expensive, so we decided to get a little help from an artificial intelligence to see if it knows how to cut costs while you're abroad.

Many people are turning to ChatGPT, whether it's to save money at the grocery store or help to choose lottery numbers, so we decided to also put it to the test.

We asked ChatGPT: how can you save money on an international trip?

So whether you're travelling to Europe, Asia or elsewhere, here are some money-saving tips to keep in mind on your next international vacation.

Plan ahead

"Booking your flights, accommodations, and activities in advance can often result in better deals and lower costs," ChatGPT says.

This makes sense and aligns with what experts often say about planning trips.

It's also good to know that there are certain days of the week that are cheaper to fly than others.

For example, Skyscanner says Saturday is the cheapest day to fly from Canada and the best time to book a trip from that particular country is 23 weeks before your flight.

Be flexible

"If you’re flexible with your travel dates and destinations, you may be able to find better deals and lower airfare," ChatGPT says.

This is a good point as some cities and countries may have special promos going on at certain times of the year.

Hong Kong recently announced it will be giving away thousands of plane tickets to increase its tourism numbers.

A region in Italy also has an initiative happening until May 2023 in which it will actually pay travellers to go there.

It pays to be flexible!

Compare prices 

"Use a flight comparison website to compare prices between different airlines, and look for deals on accommodation websites as well," ChatGPT advises.

This is a good tip when planning any type of trip. Don't just book the first flight you come across!

Travel during low season

"Consider travelling to your destination during the low season when prices are typically lower," ChatGPT notes.

This is not only a great way to save money, but travelling during the low season will also mean sites will be less crowded. Just keep in mind that weather fluctuates no matter where you're going, so check ahead to see if your destination is colder during low season.

Cook your own meals 

According to ChatGPT, "Eating out at restaurants can be expensive, so consider cooking your own meals or eating street food to save money on food."

Eating out at a restaurant is always fun, especially when touring a new city. However, it can quickly add up and it's an easy way to break your wallet.

The good news is that street food is almost always better depending on the city you're in! Asia, for example, has incredible street food.

Use public transportation

"Taking taxis or ride-sharing services can quickly add up, so consider using public transportation instead," ChatGPT says.

Touring a new city means being adventurous and that includes hopping on the subway or bus.

Also, depending on the city you're in, public transportation will likely get you there sooner than a taxi would.

Book inclusive packages

"Booking a package deal that includes flights, accommodations, and activities can often save you money compared to booking everything separately," ChatGPT says.

Not every destination offers all-inclusive package deals, but when they do it's definitely a great way to save some cash.

Avoid tourist traps 

"Avoid tourist traps and opt for local experiences instead, as these can often be more affordable and give you a deeper understanding of the culture and customs of your destination," ChatGPT shares.

A lot of big cities will have loads of tourist traps so you'll definitely need to be mindful of that before agreeing to certain prices and offers.

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