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A Pic Of Ryan Gosling As Ken In 'Barbie' Just Dropped & You Might Need A Glass Of Water

Come on Barbie, let's go party. 🎶

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Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling.

Thirst alert! The long-awaited first look at Ryan Gosling playing the role of Ken in the upcomingBarbie movie is out, and, well, it's something else.

On Wednesday, June 15, the Instagram accounts for Warner Bros. Pictures and Barbie co-posted a snap of the Canadian celeb in his doll get-up.

"#BARBIE July 21, 2023," they wrote. "Only in theatres."

In the pic, Gosling rocks a take on the Canadian tuxedo with a denim vest worn unbuttoned to reveal his impressive muscles, paired with a low-slung pair of denim pants or shorts that show off his "Ken" underwear.

As well, his hair has been dyed platinum blonde while he rocks the perfect amount of stubble and gazes flirtatiously in the distance.

In response to the picture, the comment section was a flood of heart emojis and excitement.

"I screamed so loud I scared people on the street," wrote one person.

"This movie will destroy me and bring me back to life," commented another. "You’re nailing it with the visuals."

"OMG!!!! So hot!!!!" another simply said.

In the picture, Gosling is ostensibly hairless which means he likely had to undergo the same waxing treatments that Simu Liu went through for his role in the movie.

“Waxing has been an education, to say the least,” the actor said in an interview with The Independent.

“It was one of the most painful experiences of my life," Liu explained. "I have such a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this on a monthly basis.”

There haven't been any images of him released as yet, but Liu snapped a photo of his chair while he was filming as a bit of a teaser.

"This photo of a chair is all I’m allowed to post," he wrote as a caption in early May.

Margot Robbie will be starring as the titular character and Barbie will be in theatres on July 21, 2023.

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