6 Adorable Small Towns In Alberta That Looked Way Different In 'The Last Of Us'

There's no infected in sight!

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Someone in Fort Macleod. Right: Canmore was also used in The Last Of Us.

Someone in Fort Macleod. Right: Canmore was also used in The Last Of Us.

HBO's latest hit series, The Last Of Us, has taken the world by storm but for Albertans, knowing the series was filmed in the province makes it all the more special.

Several small towns in Alberta were used as filming locations in the show, doubling up as various places in the U.S. But while they didn't exactly look like places you'd want to visit on the show due to there being a lot of infected around, these towns couldn't be any more different IRL.

Why not plan a The Last Of Us road trip and tick off some of these spots that were featured in the series? Sadly, Pedro Pascal is not likely to be there.


Okotoks, a small town just outside of Calgary, looked pretty cold and miserable in episodes seven and eight of The Last Of Us. IRL, the town has a ton of adorable shops and cafes to visit. It's also super close to the stunning scenery in Sheep River Provincial Park.


In episode six, Joel and Ellie make it to Jackson, Wyoming and are reunited with Joel's brother, Tommy. Canmore was used to film scenes in Jackson and it's just as beautiful in person. With stunning views around the Canmore Engine Bridge and the gorgeous main street, you can see why so many people visit.

High River

The town of High River has featured a lot in the series with an abandoned estate being transformed into Bill and Frank's compound. One spot, Evelyn's Memory Lane Diner, serves up delicious sandwiches, pies and ice creams and it is also featured in the very first episode.

Fort Macleod

Fort Macleod, a small town in Southern Alberta, is no stranger to being on screen. Not only was it used to film scenes set in Austin, Texas in The Last Of Us, but it was also used in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The town's historic main street is like stepping back in time, filled to the brim with old-fashioned buildings.


Waterton couldn't be any more different from the bleak waterfront town featured in the eighth episode. The stunning tourist spot has incredible lake and mountain views.


Nanton only appears briefly in The Last Of Us when Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam escape to a motel on the outskirts of Kansas City. However, the town itself has an adorable main street with shops full of antiques and collectibles to browse.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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