Justin Bieber & Ryan Reynolds Are Showing Each Other Some Insta Love And It's So Wholesome

Things we love to see: Canadians supporting Canadians!

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Justin Bieber & Ryan Reynolds Are Showing Each Other Some Insta Love And It's So Wholesome

Justin Bieber is continuing on with the Halloween fun and his costume honouring fellow Canuck Ryan Reynolds is spot on.

The singer posted a picture of himself on Monday, November 1 in the getup of Reynolds' character in the movie Free Guy, and even had himself worked into the film's poster.

Reynolds was very into the post and he shared it on his Insta story.

"Not having a good day..." he wrote over the post, complete with a GIF of hearts. "Having a GREAT day. Love love love this."

@vancityreynolds | Instagram

While Reynolds did not appear to have dressed up this Halloween, the Bieb's costume as the Vancouver-born star was actually his second holiday look.

On Sunday, October 31, he dressed up in a bear costume and even ran into another celeb dressed up as him at a party.

It's officially 2022, and Ryan Reynolds shared a meme to his Insta story about the last two years that feels all too relatable.

The Canadian actor appeared in a short video on the Skydance Instagram account where he nonchalantly leans against a wall while all kinds of shenanigans are happening in the background.

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It's officially 2022, and Canadian celebs like Dan Levy, Simu Liu, Justin Bieber and more took to their Instagrams to ring in the special occasion.

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Ryan Reynolds put into words what many others were feeling on Friday, with a touching Instagram tribute to the great Betty White after her death.

“The world looks different now,” Reynolds wrote on Instagram, shortly after news broke that White had died at the age of 99.

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Ryan Reynolds has responded to a light-hearted quip from iconic actress Betty White that he "can't get over" her.

White, who turns 100 on January 17, joked in an interview with People that despite her crush on Robert Redford, it is in fact Reynolds who still has a soft spot for her.

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