Russia Has Reportedly Made A List Of 'Unfriendly Countries' & Canada Is On It

It says Canada, the U.S. and more have taken "unfriendly actions."

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Right: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin. Right: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Following its invasion of Ukraine in February, Russia has published a list of countries that it says are "unfriendly" and Canada is among them.

On Monday, March 7, the country shared an official list of foreign states that it says have taken "unfriendly actions" against Russia, its companies and/or its citizens.

A report from CTV News explains that this means corporate deals with listed countries will now have to be approved by a government commission.

Canada wasn't the only country to be deemed "unfriendly." The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine and European Union member states, among others, were included on the list.

A number of these places — including the U.S., the U.K. and Canada — have issued sanctions against Russia, Russian oligarchs and Russian President Vladimir Putin following the country's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

It's not clear yet exactly what consequences the "unfriendly" countries listed would face, but Metro reports that things like real estate purchases, financial trades and deals involving loans in roubles will now require special authorization from Russian officials.

On the same day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with British PM Boris Johnson and Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands.

In a series of tweets following the meeting, Trudeau said the trio talked about "what more we can do to respond to Russia’s further attack on Ukraine" and Russia's "blatant violations of international law."

Last week, Canada announced that it would be sending $25 million in protective gear to Ukraine to help the country defend itself against Russia's attack. This includes supplies of helmets, body armour and gas masks, as well as night-vision goggles and other military supplies.

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