'Schitt's Creek' Monopoly Isn't Available In Canada Right Now But It Will Be Eventually

The game includes properties like the Rosebud Motel and "Love That Journey for Me" cards.

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'Schitt's Creek' Monopoly Isn't Available In Canada Right Now But It Will Be Eventually

This is not a joke: Schitt's Creek Monopoly actually exists and, while it isn't available in Canada yet, it will be eventually.

The show shared on October 7 that the new custom board game based on the series is out now and available for purchase, but the maker of the game only ships to the U.S., meaning Canadians can't order it.

After the announcement was made, someone tweeted that they hope the game will be available in Canada and the official Schitt's Creek account replied to confirm that it will be sold in Canada. No details about when or where it will be available have been revealed, though.

With this special edition Monopoly game, you can buy, sell and trade popular locations from the show, including the Rosebud Motel, Bob's Garage, Café Tropical and Herb Ertlinger Winery.

It comes with game tokens featuring Bébé Crow, Patrick's guitar, a Rosebud Motel key, David's sunglasses, Ted the Turtle and Moira's wig. The game's chance cards are called "Hello You" cards, community chest cards are "Love That Journey for Me" cards and there's even custom Monopoly money as well.

If you need more Schitt's Creek in your life now that the series has ended, Dan and Eugene Levy have written a book about the show that comes out on October 26.

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