Sunwing Added A New Charge For Travellers & You Now Have To Pay For Carry-On Luggage

The change came into effect on Monday.

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A Sunwing plane. Right: People with luggage at Vancouver International Airport.

A Sunwing plane. Right: People with luggage at Vancouver International Airport.

Sunwing has introduced a new fee for travellers looking to bring luggage onto flights in order to "better serve" customers.

The Canadian airline announced changes to its services that came into effect on October 24, 2022, including a new fee for passengers looking to bring carry-on luggage into the flight cabin.

The new fee is a $25 charge each way for carry-on luggage but personal items, like a purse, handbag, laptop bag, or camera bag, are still free to bring on board.

Carry-ons include things like small suitcases, duffel bags and backpacks. Previously, Sunwing passengers were able to bring on board one personal item and one carry-on free of charge.

This new change means that, unless you're packing extremely light, you'll have to pay at least $25 to bring clothes and travel items with you.

If you need more space for what you're bringing, Sunwing charges $50 each way if paid in advance, or $70 at the airport, for checked baggage, although it noted that the first bag checked is free with its vacation packages.

"As part of Sunwing's ongoing commitment to make leisure travel more affordable for Canadians, we have implemented strategic airline changes to reduce costs for our valued customers and ensure they pay only for the services they want and need," the airline said in a statement to Narcity.

"This includes the introduction of à la carte baggage fees effective October 24, 2022, with the goal to minimize upfront costs while providing options for customers to purchase extras or add-ons to suit their specific needs."

The airline noted that customers who booked vacation packages prior to October 24 will have the fee waived.

It also mentioned that the new charge won't "significantly" impact Sunwing customers, the majority of whom "book packages for all-inclusive vacations and generally check their bag."

"The adjustments will enable us to better serve our customers and continue delivering incredible value on vacations, at a time when affordability is top of mind for all Canadians," Sunwing said.

Do all airlines charge for baggage?

While many of Canada's new "low-cost" airlines also charge for carry-on luggage, there are still some airlines that allow travellers to bring carry-ons on board for no cost.

Air Canada allows passengers one "standard" article and one personal item for no charge, and although it does indicate size requirements, unlike Sunwing, there is no weight limit on carry-on bags.

WestJet's baggage policy says that "each guest in a confirmed seat is allowed one free piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item, total."

Like Air Canada, WestJet also outlines size restrictions but does not indicate any maximum weight requirements.

"Ultra-low-cost carrier" Flair Airlines also charges a fee for carry-on luggage, with prices from $29-54 plus tax when booked online.

Similar "ultra-low-cost" airline Swoop charges a fee for carry-on baggage as well, starting at $42 when booked online for distances of less than 1,000 kilometres, with prices increasing if purchased at check-in or at the airport.

Canada Jetlines, the country's newest airline, allows passengers two pieces of cabin baggage (under certain weight and size restrictions) as well as one personal item, like a purse or briefcase, at no charge.

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