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downtown vancouver

Vancouver, B.C. is already brimmed full of mouthwatering restaurants, and the foodie scene is about to get even better with some new spots opening up this summer.

You'll want to jump on making reservations for these restaurants and bars, to find some new favourites.

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A woman was "dragged through" a downtown intersection in Vancouver during an alleged carjacking over the weekend.

The terrifying incident unfolded near Cambie Street and West Broadway in Fairview at around 8:40 a.m. on Sunday when, according to the Vancouver Police Department, a man allegedly tried to force the 58-year-old woman from her vehicle.

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There is no such thing as too much cheese, and some restaurants in Vancouver, B.C. know it!

If you are looking for the perfect date night filled with lots of cheese, there are some amazing and drool-worthy restaurants in the city to choose from.

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I think we've all tried the escape rooms in Vancouver. Lbh, you probably failed or if you passed, it's probably because it's your fifth time playing that room. In October you won't have to worry about passing or failing with this new virtual reality hospital of horrors experience. 

This haunting VR experience will have you frightened for days. The virtual haunted house will open on October 1st, so prepare to be scared. 

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Sweet tooths can rejoice because summer bod season is OVER, and it means that you can indulge in all the sweet deliciousness that Vancouver has to offer. It's time to unleash the beast and go to town with these bucket list desserts.

Between your Sunday brunch at Belgard and your mandatory coffee shop stop at Revolver, you've got to make a little time for these insanely delicious desserts.

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