Tim Hortons Has So Many Timbits Flavours That Don't Exist Anymore & Some Sound Delicious

Apple Fritter, Cinnamon French Toast, Sour Cream Chocolate and Churro Timbits used to be on the menu! 👀

​Person holding a box of Timbits and a Tim Hortons drink. Right: Person reaching into a box of Timbits and grabbing one.
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Person holding a box of Timbits and a Tim Hortons drink. Right: Person reaching into a box of Timbits and grabbing one.

If you've ever been to Tim Hortons, you know there are so many Timbits flavours but you might not know that there are quite a few that don't exist anymore and some of the sound pretty delicious.

The bite-sized treats that are now Canadian classics have been around for more than 45 years, being introduced at the Canadian coffee chain in 1976.

Some of the Timbits flavours you currently can find at Tims locations across the country include Chocolate Glazed, Birthday Cake, Old Fashioned Plain, Old Fashioned Glazed, Honey Dip and Sour Cream Glazed.

While you probably know those long-time favourites, you might be surprised to find out that there are some interesting Timbits that actually existed in the past but have since been discontinued.

According to Tim Hortons, there are "dozens of different Timbits flavours" that have been available during the more than 45 years the treats have been available.

Some of the discontinued flavours were limited-edition offerings that weren't available in most locations across the country.

A few of the Timbits flavours from past decades are Apple Fritter, Banana Cream Filled, Cherry Cake, Chocolate Marble, Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Chocolate White Coconut and Churro.

Also, Canadians were once able to order Cinnamon French Toast, Cotton Candy, Cruller, Lemon Cake, Old Fashioned Cinnamon, Sour Cream Chocolate, Sour Cream Cinnamon and Spiced Apple Filled Timbits in Canada.

Some of those seem like they could fit right back into the Tim Hortons menu!

Speaking of unique flavours, the co-created Timbits from Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber that were first released in 2021 are all special flavours based on current favourites.

The Timbiebs flavours are Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffle.

If you're wondering what Canada's most popular Timbits are, Chocolate Glazed wins by a landslide and is followed by Birthday Cake, Honey Dip, Old Fashioned Plain and Sour Cream Glazed.

Then, the Timbiebs flavour that Canadians like the most is Chocolate White Fudge!

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