A Car Crashed Into A Popular Cheesecake Store In Mississauga This Week (PHOTOS)

Don't worry, they are still open for business.

A Car Crashed Into A Popular Cheesecake Store In Mississauga This Week (PHOTOS)
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Sami Kustantini

Some people didn't receive their heart-shaped Japanese cheesecakes this Valentine's Day because there was a slight inconvenience at the bakery.

A car crashed into a Supermoon Japanese Cheesecakes store in Mississauga as the bakery was preparing their orders.

Peel Regional Police told Narcity that "the incident occurred on Monday, February 14, 2022. Police received the call at 3:42 p.m. for a single vehicle into a building causing extensive damage to the front entrance."

Narcity spoke to Sami Kustantini, one of the owners, who said no one was injured, but there was one employee in the store working that day who called and told him a car had come through their window.

Sami Kustantini

The employee "was at the back of the store, so she was in the area that was very distant from where the car went through the window," he said.

"She just heard a very big, loud sort of, like a boom sound and wasn't sure what it was. She thought the oven exploded, at first," Kustantini adds.

According to Kustantini, the crash happened as a senior citizen was trying to get out of a parking spot located in front of the store. He said instead of her putting the gear on "drive," the person forgot it was in "reverse and hit the gas."

Police confirmed that the driver was an 85-year-old woman alone in the vehicle and had no physical injuries.

"At this time I do not know what caused her to drive into the building and I'm not sure whether or not she was given a ticket," they added.

Fortunately for Supermoon, they have a second location, so they diverted all pre-orders there for customers to pick up, but that did impact their production, and they are still struggling with that fact.

The store is now open and running, even though the new aesthetic design might not seem like it, but Kustantini wants customers to know that "we are still open, and that they can come in through the main mall entrance, and we can still serve them."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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