An Ontario Tiktoker Said These Things At Pearson Airport 'Just Make Sense' & It Backfired

"The airport is a giving mess."

Associate Editor, Toronto
​Toronto Pearson Airport's Gym and Trains.

Toronto Pearson Airport's Gym and Trains.

An Ontario TikToker recently made a video listing things about Pearson airport that "just make sense" to her.

Despite Pearson Airport's bad reputation for long wait times, lost baggage claims, and cancelled flights, she pointed out a few qualities of Canada's largest airport that stood out to her.

In the video, Erica listed three key things, but her selling points seemed to quickly backfire.


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Her positive takes on Pearson Airport didn't sit well with many of her followers, despite the fact the video was watched by almost 70,000 people in its first few days.

The comments section quickly filled up with people teasing her for her take and chiming in with their own views on the airport.

"YYZ is so basic compared to other airports in the world lol," one person commented. "The airport is a giving mess," wrote another.

The first thing Erica said she liked was Pearson Airport's Goodlife Fitness gym. Many people were quick to point out that the gym only exists in the arrivals terminal of the airport.

"Anybody in arrivals is looking to leave the airport. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to put the gym in departures?" a person commented. "There's a gym??😫 I was stuck there for 4 hrs whyyyy," another said.

Erica made a follow-up TikTok clarifying that the gym is actually found in the arrivals terminal, and she isn't sure why either.

Her second pick for a Pearson win was their trains between terminals to save time. "Still waiting for the TTC to adapt the same platform screen door," she wrote in her video's bio.

Her final shoutout was for Pearson's vending machines that sell deodorants and condoms, though she didn't mention why travellers would need the latter.

Many people commented that they'd never seen the vending machines before, with one even asking if they were new.

Pearson airport came under fire last year when several photos of the airport's baggage claim section were shared on social media, of what looked like hundreds of unclaimed bags scattered between the terminals.

It also became known for extreme delays and wild cancellation stories. In July 2022, it was ranked the worst airport in the world for delays.

Pearson Airport also ranked fourth in flight cancellations worldwide.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor, Toronto
Rhythm Sachdeva is an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group and is based in Toronto.