A Toronto Cop Was Killed In A ‘Deliberate & Intentional’ Act Near City Hall This Morning

Constable Jeffrey Northrup served Toronto Police for over 30 years.

A Toronto Cop Was Killed In A ‘Deliberate & Intentional’ Act Near City Hall This Morning
Toronto Associate Editor

A Toronto police officer died early on Friday morning following an incident that took place inside a parking garage on Queen St. West at City Hall.

Toronto Police Chief James Ramer confirmed the death of Constable Jeffrey Northrup of 52 Division during a 9 a.m. press conference, describing him as "an outstanding police officer," who was very proud of what he did and was "loved by everyone."

Northrup and his partner were "conducting an investigation in response to a priority call in the underground parking lot," which was a robbery that was upgraded to a stabbing. Both officers were in plainclothes, but were wearing a chain with identification, said Ramer.

Northrup was struck by a vehicle during the incident, which Ramer described as a "deliberate and intentional act." Both officers were rushed to the hospital, where Northrup was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The second officer has since been treated and released from the hospital.

One person is now in custody, and the investigation is now in the hands of the homicide squad.

Constable Northrup had served Toronto Police Services for over 30 years. He is survived by his mother, his wife and their three children.

Mayor John Tory and Premier Doug Ford both spoke out to share their condolences with Northrup's loved ones. "We are with you mourning this devastating loss," the premier tweeted.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor