Elton John Spent 3 Weeks At This BC Lodge & One Night There Will Cost You A Month's Rent

So this is what camping looks like for the rich and famous. 😍

Elton John. Right: Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge.
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Elton John. Right: Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge.

Sir Elton John had a weeks-long stay at this B.C. wilderness escape nestled alongside the Pacific Ocean and you can vacay there like the Rocket Man himself — for a cost.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Elton John and his husband David Furnish revealed that they stayed at the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge for three whole weeks this summer, which would put a major dent in any regular person's wallet.

"We looked at bears, caught fish, hiked, kayaked – all that good Canadian stuff," Furnish said.

The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is located on Vancouver Island and is only accessible by seaplane.

The cheapest stay at this wilderness retreat is called the "Rainforest Deluxe Tent" and it costs $3900, per night. Imagine paying to stay in one of these luxury tent rooms, for just one night, and still paying more than what a month's rent would cost.

Not to mention, if you want a room upgrade, it'll cost you even more.

The "Waterfront Deluxe Tent" goes for $4800 per night, the "Rainforest Ensuite Tent" is $5300 per night and last but not least, the "Waterfront Ensuite Tent" will cost a whopping $6200 per night.

Although, these prices didn't stop the iconic British singer and his husband from nearly spending a month at the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge.

If you want to live it up like a celeb and actually have the funds to afford it, this pricey lodge is open May through September.

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Price: $3900 to $6200 per night

Address: Bedwell River Valley., Alberni-Clayoquot C, BC


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