6 Hot Springs In BC To Soak Up Some Warmth This Fall While The Trees Change

Natures spa. ♨️

Person at Harrison Hot Springs in BC. Right: Person at Lussier Hot Springs in B.C.

Person at Harrison Hot Springs in BC. Right: Person at Lussier Hot Springs in B.C.

Summer's gone and the chill of a new season has entered the air, and probably your bones.

If you need a little heating up this fall, then you can turn to nature and wind down in one of these toasty warm hot springs in B.C.

A hot spring gives you a taste of the spa but is set back in nature, often free or way cheaper than an actual spa. It makes for the perfect fall activity in B.C., whether it's a weekend getaway or a fun road trip adventure for the day where you can soak up some minerals.

From hidden gems nestled in the thick woods of British Columbia to luxurious pools at beautiful resorts, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to hot springs in B.C.

Wherever you go you're basically guaranteed to get some stunning views on top of the relaxation of the springs, especially as the trees turn golden. Some of these spots are even set in beautiful small towns, so you can turn your trip into a fall retreat and explore the smaller communities.

Don't pack away your swimsuits with all your other summer attire just yet, because these places are waiting for you to explore.

Hot Springs Cove

Address: Hot Springs Cove, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you're down for a true adventure dip your toes into this remote hot spring, which has steaming water cascading down rocks. You can sit in the pools of hot water and look out onto the ocean, soaking in the tranquillity of this place.

You'll want to stay and enjoy a while, especially since it's a journey to get here. This hot spring is a day trip from Tofino, and you can take a 20-minute seaplane ride to get here or a 1.5-hour boat trip. Thankfully, the trip is equally as breathtaking as the destination, with views of the sparkling ocean and maybe a wildlife sighting or two if you're lucky.

When you arrive at Maquinna Marine Provincial Park you'll be greeted by a lush old-growth forest that you have to walk through to reach the hot spring. You can wind down from the long journey in one of the seven pools, which are different temperatures based on how close they are to the ocean.

Tourism Tofino website

Nakusp Hot Springs

Price: $12 per dip for adults or $18 for the day

Address: Hot Springs Rd., Nakusp, BC

Why You Need To Go: This spot is nestled among the mountains and the clear water of the pools is filled with minerals. After a day spent out on the hiking trails in the area, you can relax in one of the two pools, which are "fed by water from natural mineral springs set in the forest a ways from the pools."

The hot pool here is a toasty 41°C in the winter, so makes for the ideal winter warmer.

On top of being relaxing, the pools might also have some health benefits thanks to the minerals in them. For example, "soaking in water containing calcium may support bone health, arthritis, insomnia, menstrual concerns and cardiovascular health," and "copper may support brain function, arthritis, skin care and immunity," the Nakusp Hot Springs website said.

Nakusp Hot Springs website

Liard Hot Springs

Price: $5 for an adult day-use fee, from April 1 to October 31

Address: Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Why You Need To Go: This hot spring is the second biggest in the country, and makes for the perfect stop on the Alaska Highway, if you're planning a trip anytime soon. This hot spring is surrounded by beautiful trees, offering serene tranquillity to the whole experience.

It's open year-round and sits at a comfortable 42°C to 52°C, and there's also a changing room there for visitors.

While you'll want to lay back and relax here, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife roaming around the forest and next to the river.

BC Parks website

Harrison Hot Springs

Price: Ranges depending on accommodation

Address: Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: While you have to be a guest at the resort to get into these pools, it makes for a great weekend getaway from Vancouver, just an hour and 40 minutes away.

You can spend a day here diving into the five hot-spring-fed mineral pools. They're all different temperatures too, so you can choose your perfect one.

Although they're actual pools at a resort, the outdoor ones have rock formations and plants all around so you can still float away in nature.

Harrison Hot Spring website

Lussier Hot Springs

Address: Cranbrook, BC

Why You Need To Go: The Rocky Mountains are calling! The natural hot spring pools here are right beside a flowing river, providing a peaceful soundtrack for your dip. This spot is located in the East Kootenays and is like a little slice of paradise deep in nature.

To get there you drive down a forest service road near the Whiteswan Lake Park entrance. At the 17.5-kilometre mark of the road, you'll find the short trail to the hot spring pools.

After soaking in the hot springs you can also check out the rest of the park, which has mountain lakes, hiking trails, and lots of wildlife.

Lussier Hot Springs website

Radium Hot Springs Pools

Price: $16.50 for adults, single entry

Address: Radium Hot Springs, BC

Why You Need To Go: These naturally heated pools of water are set in the (very appropriately named) village of Radium Hot Springs. The hot pool here is surrounded by rocks, giving you the feeling of being set back deep within nature.

The surrounding area is also brimming with beauty and adventure, with breathtaking hikes for the summer and fall, and amazing skiing for the winter. There are actually "three world-class skiing destinations within 35 kilometres," according to the village's website, so it's the perfect place for the ski-lovers out there.

This spot is first come first served so make sure to go early!

Radium Hot Springs website

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