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Canada's Most Popular Baby Names Are Actually Different In So Many Provinces

Although there are a few firm-favourites! 👶

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Babies sleeping in a row of cribs. Right: A Canadian flag blowing in the wind.

Babies sleeping in a row of cribs. Right: A Canadian flag blowing in the wind.

When it comes to Canada’s most popular baby names over the last few years, every province and territory has a slightly different top-ten list.

Although certain titles, like Olivia and Oliver, are well-used across the country, other names are firm favourites in specific regions only.

While Canada’s favourite baby names are always changing, and there are some restrictions on what parents can call their newborns, here’s what's on top in each region as of January, 2023.


The most recent data to be shared by Alberta was for 2021, when the province confirmed that the top names of the year were Noah and Olivia.

Both have taken the top spot in previous years, with Olivia actually holding the number one title in the region for eight years in a row.

Notable additions to the 2021 list – which were not featured in the ranking the year before – include names like Ethan, Henry, Chloe and Evelyn.


In B.C., the "most familiar" girls name in 2022 was also Olivia, while the most popular boys name was Noah. Sound familiar?

The names Oliver, Liam and Theodore also made the top ten list, as did Emma and Sofia.

Leo was also a favourite in the province last year, a name which didn't come up in many other places.


According to preliminary data obtained by CTV News in 2022, Manitoba's most-used baby names of the year were Liam and, again, Olivia.

Also popular were names like Noah, Oliver, Emma and Ava.

More unusual favourites from the province include Levi, Mia and James.

New Brunswick

Over in New Brunswick, Olivia was the most popular girls name for the fifth year in a row in 2022. This was closely followed by names like Emma and Amelia.

When it comes to boys names, Noah and Liam came out on top, with options like Jack, Thomas, and Oliver not too far behind.

Unusual additions to this province's list are Violet, Owen, Jacob and Henry, as well as Logan and Hudson.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This province has kept pretty quiet over the last two years about their favourite new baby names, but recent records show tastes aren’t too different from elsewhere.

Names like Charlotte and William have been popular in the region. Versions of Layla/Laylah/Leila/Lalia and Jackson/Jaxyn/Jaxxon/Jaxsin/Jaxson/Jaxon also took top spots, which are a little more unusual.

Various spellings of Callie/Cali/Kaley/Kailee/Kaylee/Kallie were also firm favourites in Newfoundland and Labrador previous years, which are not often seen elsewhere.

Nova Scotia

Unlike in previous years when Charlotte and Jack were the most popular options in Nova Scotia, new contenders among the top ten include Ellie, Grayson and Beau.

Other titles have gained popularity in the province as of 2022 too, including Harper, Sadie and Jackson.

Traditional favourites like Oliver, Amelia and Theodore are still included on the list, although Nova Scotia is one of the few regions where Olivia and Noah do not nab first place overall.


The most recently available data from Ontario shows that the province’s favourite names are actually pretty common.

In 2021, Noah, Liam, Oliver, Jack and Benjamin came out on top, while Olivia, Emma, Charlotte and Amelia were female favourites.

There was little change between the top 10 lists from 2020 to 2021, although less-common names like Ella, Evelyn and Ethan did feature more recently.

Prince Edward Island

The most popular name for P.E.I. babies in 2022 were not Olivia and Noah, like some of the other Canadian provinces.

Instead, Global News reports that Charlotte, Evelyn and Amelia were the front runners for girls, with options like Summer, Sophie, Lily, Willow and Grace also making the list.

Jack took the most popular spot when it comes to boys names, with Hudson, Elijah, James and William also featuring in the top ten.


In Quebec, the most-recent baby names list says Emma and Noah were the frontrunners in the province, while Olivia and William took second place.

The top 10 lists included some more unique options too though, including Florence, Charlie, Livia, Romy, Zoe, Clara, Felix, Raphael and Victor.


While Saskatchewan is yet to reveal its latest data, it’s clear this province has firm favourites.

As of 2020, the most popular boy's name had been Liam for 11 years in a row, while Olivia has remained in the top spot for 6 consecutive years.

The region does have some different faves too, though. This includes Harper, Quinn and Hazel for girls and Maverick, Lincoln and Wyatt for boys.

Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Yukon

In the Northwest Territories in 2019, Zoey was the most popular, followed by Hazel and Kinsley. Elias, John, Joseph, and Michael also came out on top.

The same year in Yukon, Henry was the favourite for boys. For girls, there was a four-way split between Ava, Isla, Livia and Quinn for the top spot.

Nunavut has kept quiet about their top names for several years. In 2015, Liam, Mason, Sandy, Anna, Samantha and Sarah made up the top six.

This article has been updated since it was originallypublished in 2021.

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