11 Throwback Toys From Your '90s & '00s Childhood That Could Make You Rich In 2021

Just one Beanie Baby could be worth a whopping $600,000! 🤑

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These 90s and '00s Toys Could Make You Mega Rich In 2021

If you've got an old toy box collecting dust somewhere, now is the time to clear it out! These '90s and '00s toys just keep going up in value and you could have up to $600,000 under your bed without even realizing it.

Whether you were cuddling with Beanie Babies, feeding your Furby or gaming on your Nintendo 64 as a kid, you probably have some fond memories with your childhood stuff.

What you may not have realized, though, is just how much money these retro toys are actually worth now — with some 20-year-old plushies selling online for tens of thousands of dollars.

A new ranking from TheToyZone shows just how much money the rarest retro toys could be worth in 2021 and you may be surprised by the top-hitters!

Rainbow The Chameleon (1997)

The Details: If you've got a mint-condition Rainbow The Chameleon Beanie Baby from 1997 (with the original tags) you can basically expect to become rich overnight.

How Much Is It Worth?: This character tops TheToyZone's list, as one was apparently sold for US$50,000 on eBay.

Right now, you can find a trio of Beanie Baby iguanas on Etsy for over $50,000 in Canadian dollars. Eek!

Valentina (1998)

The Details: Inspired by Valentine's Day, this mega-valuable Beanie Baby takes the second spot on the ranking. That said, you will need to have a version that's in pristine condition and that has a 1999 date misprint on its "tush tag."

How Much Is It Worth?: Although this model has been sold for a whopping US$29,999 in the past, there aren't many with that price tag for sale right now.

That said, you can still find similar versions on Etsy that are worth thousands of dollars.

Nintendo 64 / Goldeneye 007 (1997)

The Details: This 1997 Nintendo 64 game is worth serious bucks if you were sensible enough to keep the original packaging. If your retro game is pretty much perfect, condition-wise, you could be sitting on a mini gold mine!

How Much Is It Worth?: This vintage 007 game has sold in the past for just under US$15,000, which is pretty impressive for a game that's 24 years old this year.

Collectors and enthusiasts can purchase this game right now for a little less, but original versions are still worth thousands of dollars.

Electronic Furby (1998)

The Details: If you've got a 1998 electronic Furby lying around somewhere, now might be a good time to part ways with it.

How Much Is It Worth?: Boxed and in great condition, this type of rare Furby has sold for US$10,000 in the past.

In 2021, you can sell it online for over $1,000. Not bad, eh?

Home Alone 2 Deluxe Talkboy AFA 75+ (1995)

The Details: This Home Alone 2 Deluxe Talkboy AFA 75+ from 1995 is a true vintage treasure and is pretty valuable to collectors.

How Much Is It Worth?: Brand new, boxed and in perfect working condition, one of these could fetch up to US$10,000.

Even if yours is a little less pristine, you could still get a couple hundred bucks for it.

Nintendo 64 / Super Smash Bros. (1999)

The Details: This 1999 version of Super Smash Bros. will look familiar to many gamers of the '90s and '00s, but did you keep hold of yours?

How Much Is It Worth?: In original condition, this has been known to sell for almost US$10,000 in the past. However, you can find them online for a little cheaper now.

If you thought that was a lot of money, one mega rare Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game sold for US$660,000 at auction in 2021, breaking the previous retro video game record.

American Girl Felicity Merriman (1991)

The Details: Whether you think these guys are cute or creepy, there's a big collector's market out there for them and your old dolls could be worth big bucks.

How Much Is It Worth?: In the past, specific types of the Felicity Merriman doll have been known to sell for as much as US$7,820.

Depending on her outfit, condition and accessories, you could sell yours today for about CA$1,500.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Undercover Leonardo (1994)

The Details: If there's a 1994 Undercover Leonardo action figure hiding in your basement or toy box, find him ASAP!

How Much Is It Worth?: This little chunk of plastic (in the right condition) could be worth over US$2,000.

Barbie Holidays Special Edition (1997)

The Details: If you've ever been gifted a Barbie doll at Christmas before, it's time to find her again! As usual, this model is a lot more valuable if you were forward-thinking enough to keep her boxed up.

How Much Is It Worth?: This special edition festive doll once sold for US$2,500. Bye bye, Barbie!

Nintendo 64 Smoke

The Details: See-through games consoles were a staple of the '00s and it's not hard to see why it was so popular. The plastic-embracing style is as cool as ever today and you can be sure yours is valuable to someone, somewhere.

How Much Is It Worth?: In great, working condition and with accessories, these bad boys have been known to fetch over US$1,800.

Princess Diana Beanie Baby (1997)

The Details: This Beanie Baby was created in 1997 to commemorate the death of Princess Diana. If you've got one of these at home, tags intact, you could be sitting on a furry, purple gold mine.

How Much Is It Worth?: TheToyZone says this bear has sold for US$18,950 in the past, but there are some selling online for even more than that.

Right now, sellers are auctioning this model on eBay for over CA$42,000. One person is even selling theirs for an eye-watering $600,000, but we're not sure you'll ever get that for a Beanie Baby. Not even this one!

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