This Lake In Alberta Was Ranked As The Most Beautiful Natural Wonder In The World

It beat the Maldives, too!

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This Lake In Alberta Was Ranked As The Most Beautiful Natural Wonder In The World

The most beautiful natural wonders in the entire world have just been ranked, and a lake in Alberta took the number one spot!

The research was conducted by the tourism company Kuoni, which discovered that Peyto Lake is the most eye-catching natural wonder in the world.

This probably hurts for anyone living in B.C. who prides themselves on having the most beautiful province around. Looking at the lake though, it's undeniable that this place is gorgeous.

The Kuoni website said that the lake is "known for its turquoise blue colour, which looks even more impressive contrasted against the dark forest that surrounds the shoreline."

The bright blue water comes from the glacier, making it pretty chilly too.

You can hike up to see the lake and the stunning mountains that surround it.

It's within Banff National Park, which is a big tourist destination because it has so many activities, and is absolutely breathtaking all over.

If you want to get a great view of the lake, try doing the Peyto Lake Panorama Overlook hike, which is 2.4 kilometres. It's an easy hiking loop that will give you a view that you won't ever forget.

Not only did this destination beat out B.C. spots, but it came in ahead of Meeru Island in the Maldives! Being a step up from the iconic Maldives, which is a hot spot for beautiful vacations that are all over Instagram, is pretty cool.

The lake also beat out Yosemite, Niagara Falls and the Jurassic Coast!

It's safe to say that if you haven't had the chance to make it out to Peyto Lake yet, you should hurry up and do it!

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