Ontario Police Are 'Disappointed' People Recorded A Car Crash Instead Of Calling 911

Two teens made it out of the crash and are in serious condition.

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Police Are 'Disappointed' People Recorded A Car Crash Instead Of Calling 911
Huronia West OPP

Huronia West OPP says they are "disappointed" that witnesses of a car crash chose to film the incident instead of calling 911.

Two teens driving in a vehicle on October 31 crashed into a tree and their car "burst into flames," according to a news release.

Police responded to the call around 4 a.m. on County Road 27 north of Horseshoe Valley Road.

Videos of the crash and fire began circulating on social media and police say they are aware of them.

Elizabeth Newton, Huronia West OPP, told Narcity, "My stance is that it is very disappointing that people would choose to use their phones to record the event, instead of rendering assistance and/or calling 911."

"The OPP remind motorists to put their phones and cameras down unless they intend to call 911 to ensure the proper agencies are dispatched to the emergency," reads a statement.

Despite the lack of assistance, the two teens managed to escape the firey crash on their own and are "still in serious condition in a Toronto area trauma centre," according to police.

No charges have been laid at the moment and the investigation is ongoing.

Huronia West OPP | Handout

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