This Ontario Winery Has A Glowing Dome Village & It's A Magical Place To Sip

Your heated patio options just got hotter.

Girls drinking flights of wine in a dome. Right: Snow globe patio village at sunset.
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Girls drinking flights of wine in a dome. Right: Snow globe patio village at sunset.

You can heat things up at your next wine tasting because this Ontario winery has a magical dome village where you can sip delicious flights.

Fielding Estate Winery is in the Niagara region and they have a spacious patio full of wine domes under which you can enjoy the ambiance of dining outdoors without the chill.

The seasonal snow globes open on November 5 and the winery is already taking reservations.

You can choose to drink wine or cider by the glass or as a flight along with cheese plates and charcuterie. Each private snow globe is heated and transparent so you can admire the surrounding views in comfort.

From autumn colours to freshly fallen snow come winter, you can enjoy beautiful views of the vineyard and Beamsville Bench from the dome.

The dome reservations are for 1.5 hours and for groups of up to six guests. Children are welcome and included in the six-person maximum, but the domes are not pet-friendly so leave your furry friend at home.

You should still dress for the weather to make sure it's a warm experience. There is a reservation fee of $20 per dome booking. Wine flights are $15 and glasses start at $10 each.

Wine Dome Lounge, Fielding Estate Winery

Price: $20 reservation fee

When: November 5, 2022, to January 31, 2023

Address: 4020 Locust Ln., Beamsville, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy patio season into the winter months by sipping wine in a cozy dome village.


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