Uber Is Adding A Temporary Fuel Charge Because Gas Prices In Canada Are So High

Your rides and deliveries are going to be more expensive!

Uber app on a phone. Right: A gas station in Toronto.
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Uber app on a phone. Right: A gas station in Toronto.

Due to high gas prices in Canada, changes to Uber Canada prices are coming into effect, which means rides and deliveries are going to get more expensive.

Uber announced that it's introducing a new fee to help drivers and delivery people "offset the cost of record-high gas prices" and the "temporary fuel surcharge" starts on Wednesday, March 16.

"We know drivers and delivery people are feeling the sting of higher prices at the pump, so we're rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help address record gas prices," said Laura Miller, head of policy and communications for Uber Canada, in a statement.

For rideshare, people will pay a $0.50 surcharge on every ride they take with Uber.

When it comes to Uber Eats, the fees will be adjusted to cover the equivalent of a $0.35 surcharge on every delivery because the "trips are shorter."

Uber Canada said that 100% of the surcharge will go directly to drivers and delivery people.

It's meant to reduce the stress of high gas prices, not to cover the full cost of a tank of gas.

The fuel surcharge is temporary and will be in place for at least 60 days.

Uber plans to monitor the price at the pumps over the coming weeks and months, and will likely make changes to the surcharge.

Gas prices in Canada reached record-breaking highs recently, costing more than $2 a litre in some parts of the country.

While prices have started to drop in some areas, including Ontario and in B.C., costs are still high in certain spots, including Vancouver, where, after the reduction, the price is still expected to be just over 195 cents per litre.

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