7 Beaches In Vancouver Where Locals Go To Beat The Crowds & Here's How To Get To Them

Time to find those hidden pieces of paradise. 🏖️

​A girl having a picnic at a beach. Right: A Vancouver beach at sunset.
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A girl having a picnic at a beach. Right: A Vancouver beach at sunset.

Summer is right around the corner and it's time to scope out all those beaches in Vancouver, so you can hit them as soon as the sun comes out.

If you don't want to be tanning next to crowds of people, then you have to pick carefully.

It's a known fact that Vancouver is known for its miserable rainy weather, so any chance a Vancouverite can get to soak up some rays beach-side, you know they will take.

Since everyone is on the same page for summer beach plans — it's time to find some hidden spots with beautiful grazing areas that won't be so noisy.

Some of these beaches are so stunning that it's astonishing not too many people know about them!

Acadia Beach

Why You Need To Go: Acadia Beach is just passed the Spanish Banks area. Although it's a beach with lots of rocks, it's worth it to get away from the crowds and have some beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Just make sure to bring a thick blanket if you're planning on setting up a picnic on the rocks.


Teatotaler Beach

Why You Need To Go: This spot has a huge grassy area and a little sand beach area right along the ocean. It's a great place to ditch the crowds of Kitsilano beach and still watch people sail in the ocean.


Stearman Beach

Why You Need To Go: This West Vancouver beach is a perfect spot to soak up those summer rays without having crowds over-shadow you. It's a great spot to search for seashells and catch some Insta-worthy photos while doing so.


Third Beach

Why You Need To Go: This beach in Vancouver is also well-known but not as popular as the largely crowded ones like Kitsilano beach. It's a beach surrounded by trees and if you're looking for a quieter dip in the ocean — this is the beach to come to.


Spanish Banks

Why You Need To Go: Although a popular beach if you keep driving further down the Spanish Banks beach area, you will find an off-leash dog-beach area.

This area is much less crowded than the beach area with volleyball nets by the concession stand.


Kew Beach Park

Why You Need To Go: This beach is located in West Vancouver — far away from the downtown crowds. In this area, you will see some luxurious houses and stumble across this not-so-well-known piece of paradise.


Barge Chilling Beach

Why You Need To Go: The iconic Barge Chilling Beach is where the washed-up barge disaster happened last year. It's a large area with lots of space to spread out and is moderately busy in the summertime.

Walking paths do go past the beach so find an area away from those to beat the crowds.


Ashley Harris
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