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This Easy Alberta Hike Leads You To The Most Stunning Canyon & Gorgeous Mountain Views

Great for all fitness levels and hiking abilities!

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone looking out over Mistaya Canyon. Right: The view of the mountains over Mistaya Canyon.

Someone looking out over Mistaya Canyon. Right: The view of the mountains over Mistaya Canyon.

If you're already in vacation mode and looking to plan the perfect summer road trip, you probably already know that Alberta has some of the most spectacular scenery around.

But, if you're looking for the perfect stop-off on your journey up to Jasper, Mistaya Canyon is the place.

Mistaya Canyon can be found on Icefields Parkway, one of the most stunning drives in the whole of Alberta. The trip to the canyon is also an amazing short hike to stretch your legs and break up the trip between Banff and Jasper.

The loop trail is less than 2 km and takes most people less than 40 minutes to complete, but you'll be rewarded with incredible views of the stunning canyon, a rushing waterfall and the mountains peeking out from behind the trees.

The Mistaya River, which originates from Peyto Lake, sweeps through the towering canyon. After a short walk through a forest trail, you'll reach a bridge where you'll be able to see just how deep the limestone canyon is.

As you continue on, you'll reach the rocks where you can see the Mistaya River plummeting into the canyon below. There's also a stunning view of Mt. Sarbach in the distance with trees lining either side of the river which honestly looks like it comes straight from a postcard.

It's a trail that hikers and non-hikers alike will love and Mistaya Canyon should be on your list for any summer road trips.

Mistaya Canyon

Address: Icefields Parkway, AB.

Why You Should Go: For a short and sweet hike that leads to the most stunning canyon with an impressive view of Mt. Sarbach. It's the perfect stop-off between Banff and Jasper.

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