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8 Things You Need To Know For August 18

Including Canada's Zellers revival & the ill-advised creation of cyborg snakes.

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​Ketchup ice cream with a fry. Right: A snake with robot legs, because 'Jurassic Park' taught us nothing.

Ketchup ice cream with a fry. Right: A snake with robot legs, because 'Jurassic Park' taught us nothing.

Good morning — Andrew from Narcity here! ☕

And joining me this morning is Kathleen Gannon from our copy desk.

Off The Top: Per Josh Elliott, a YouTuber has created prosthetic legs for a snake — which sounds like if the plots of Planet of the Apes and The Terminator had a baby (and the "baby" was the certain destruction of the human race).

In Case You Missed It

1. Forget To Fill Out ArriveCAN? Don't Worry About It (This Time)

Good news, people who click "accept" without reading the terms and conditions: the Canada Border Services Agency is granting fully vaccinated travellers a one-time exemption from fines and quarantine even if they fail to follow all entry rules. As Helena Hanson reports, the "temporary measures" have actually been in place since spring; from May 24 to August 4, over 308,000 travellers were given a free pass for missteps such as not filing documents through the ArriveCAN app. Here's more on the exemptions.

2. Zellers Is Returning To Canada & Everyone Is Fired Up

Hudson’s Bay Company announced it's resurrecting the iconic Canadian discount retailer Zellers as pop-ups in various The Bay department stores across Canada in 2023, Tristan Wheeler reports. While we don't know if the teddy bear chair ride will be making a return (or whether it can safely hoist a 250-pound adult man), the mere mention of the brand has opened up a flood of memories.

  • Nostalgia Factor: Helena Hanson rounded up the most celebrated features we hope to see in stores again. Zellers Family Diner, anyone?
  • Instant Reaction: Once the news broke, Canadians could hardly wait to whip out those throwback Club Z cards. Sarah Rohoman found some of Twitter’s best reactions.

3. The Unofficial Rules For Visiting A Canadian Nude Beach

Look, we could write pretty much anything here. We could detail that Narcity's own Katherine Caspersz recently visited Toronto's Hanlan's Point Beach, one of Canada's two official nude beaches and the only one in Ontario. We could note her carefully curated list of unofficial rules for would-be naturists — like being extra aware of personal space and making sure sand doesn't get anywhere... sensitive. But none of that matters; like moths to the flame, you'll be tripping over yourself to click on this story — which assuredly contains no actual nudity whatsoever.

HEY YOU! You should sign up for the email version of the Canada Morning Briefright here. It's better than this version. Trust me.

What Else You Need To Know Today

Happy Ice Cream Pie Day — hard to say if it compares to the classic ice cream cake we all wished for on our birthdays, but go ahead and celebrate anyway. Lactose intolerant? Fear not; it’s also National Pinot Noir Day.

The Canadian National Exhibition returns this Friday after a torturously long two-year hiatus — and Toronto's end-of-summer party wouldn’t be complete without a few unique foods. From mustard ice cream to Flaming Hot Cheeto burritos, Madeline Forsyth reviewed some of the most audacious delicacies on offer this year.

Montreal’s summer of food continues with Pocha MTL this weekend. The three-day event showcases Korean food and culture, bringing dishes like tteokbokki and the ever-popular kogo. Willa Holt runs down the must-try foods (and there’s more than just Boba).

Need a change of scenery? If you’re ready to relocate to the Rockies, Fairmont Jasper Park Hotel is hiring and they’ll even give you up to $500 for the move! Charlie Hart corralled the top postings.

Frances Bean Cobain, the lone progeny of grunge gods Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, turns 30. Andy Samberg is a 14-year-old trapped in a 44-year-old's body. Edward Norton is now 53 — and is currently starring in Disney Plus' She-Hulk in select multiverses. The late, great Patrick Swayze would have turned 70 today. Robert "The Sundance Kid" Redford celebrates his 86th trip around the sun.

Thanks for reading Narcity'sCanada Morning Brief — the only newsletter brave enough to acknowledge Ed Norton's contributions to the MCU.

Send your most cherished childhood Zellers memory to

Enjoy "Friday Jr."; we see you back here tomorrow to finish out the week!

    Andrew Joe Potter
    Newsletter Editor
    Andrew Joe Potter is a Newsletter Editor for Narcity Media Group and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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