I Tried Tim Hortons' Brand New Steak Wrap & I Couldn't Believe How Good It Was (PHOTOS)

Fancy a steak lunch on the go?

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Tristan holding the Tim Hortons wrap. Right: The Chipotle Steak Loaded Wrap.

Tristan holding the Tim Hortons wrap. Right: The Chipotle Steak Loaded Wrap.

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Tim Hortons has just launched a brand new wrap across Canada and I took a chance on it so that you don't have to!

The new Chipotle Steak Loaded Wrap and Bowl have hit the Tim Hortons menu as of February 6.

And, in my humble opinion, it blows other variations straight out of the water!

To put it in context, this is the newest iteration of the Loaded Wrap and Bowls launched by Tims last year in flavours like Cilantro Lime and Habanero Chicken.

So, if you're a fan of those, but steak is your preferred form of protein, you might want to give this one a go.

For my taste test, I opted to try the wrap which cost me $9.93 after taxes.

According to Tim Hortons, it comes with steak, grains, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beans, corn and a chipotle sauce and is marketed as a lunch and dinner option.

A Tim Hortons bag.A Tim Hortons bag.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

I will admit, I was pretty skeptical of this new menu item given my unfavourable experience with certain other Tim Hortons food, but after taking my first bite, I was incredibly surprised by how well this was executed.

The steak, while not of the highest quality, actually tasted like steak and not the mush you get at some other fast food joints.

I found the amount of sauce on this was surprisingly well thought out, as Tims has had trouble in the past with over-saucing.

The Chipotle Steak Loaded Wrap.The Chipotle Steak Loaded Wrap.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

And I did feel like what I had was genuinely made out of real ingredients, with the tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables having a good freshness to them.

This wrap was so good that I did something I don't usually do when I taste-test new menu items ⁠— I ate the whole thing!

Yeah, I found myself going back for more and really loving how this one tasted.

While I wouldn't go so far as to call it the best wrap out there, if you need lunch in a pinch or you're looking for a hearty but not too unhealthy meal from Tim Hortons, you can't go wrong with this one.

And based on how Tim Hortons has done in the past, they needed this win. A lot of their food, including their new donuts, just did not a whole lot for me.

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