McDonald's Canada Has A New Holiday Treat & It Actually Took Me By Surprise

It's really effing good.

Tristan Wheeler with a McFlurry. Right: The Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry.

Tristan Wheeler with a McFlurry. Right: The Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry.

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McDonald's Canada has hit the holiday treat market hard with their newest menu item and it's available for a limited time only.

With the festive season upon us, the McDonald's holiday menu is already out there, and the fast food giant just added a new treat that's going to be in stores across Canada until December 27.

The Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry is made with classic McDonald's soft-serve, candy cane bits and a healthy dollop of fudge.

I'll admit that I was very skeptical of this item. I assumed it was going to be a painful one-two punch in the face of peppermint and sweet, fake-y chocolate. But I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

The Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry.The Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry.Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Because, well, who would have thought that ice cream and winter go so well together?

While, yes, it does feel a little bit weird walking in zero-degree weather with a cup full of ice cream in your hand, as soon as you take a bite, you will be converted to the world of winter ice cream consumption.

While mine wasn't very well mixed, the flavours were still nicely spread out and they were just present enough to be good without being overpowering.

The fudge was a nice, rich touch, but if I had to change anything, I would maybe get less of the topping or none at all. Some of my favourite bites were just the candy cane sprinkles with the vanilla soft serve.

It was so good, in fact, that I had to stop myself from finishing it because it was 11 a.m. and I knew I could have easily taken the whole snack size to the dome and spent the rest of the day in a sugar coma.

Rest assured, it's sitting in my freezer for later though.

Ultimately, I would recommend McDonald's new Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry. It seems like an ideal treat to enjoy cozied up by the fire or while driving back from your favourite holiday or winter activity.

In short, it's a fun festive treat, and it only ran me $2.99 (before tax) for the snack size.

Of course, this isn't the only seasonal treat out there. The Tim Hortons holiday menu is brimming with new hot drinks, while the Starbucks holiday menu even has new cup designs.

In fact, we put the two menus to the test, and there was a clear winner.

Tristan Wheeler
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