Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Says 'The Only Thing That Went Wrong' Was The Cancelled Flight

They claimed 15 to 20 people were partying on the flight and everyone else was sitting.

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Sunwing Party Plane Organizer Says 'The Only Thing That Went Wrong' Was The Cancelled Flight

The person who organized the Sunwing party plane has spoken out once again and said "the only thing that went wrong" was the return flight being cancelled.

On January 8, James William Awad, who hosted the 111 Private Club event in Mexico and chartered the flight, posted on Twitter about the situation.

"The only thing that went wrong on this trip is having our 'return' flight cancelled. Relax," Awad said.

"Everybody can still return, we're just trying to find a way for everybody to return without having to pay for their ticket," Awad continued.

According to Awad, 90% of the people who went on the trip didn't pay for the event. "I paid for it," they said.

In another tweet shared on January 8, Awad claimed that only 15 to 20 people on the plane were partying and everybody else was sitting down in their seats.

"That's barely 8% of the people that participated in that event. The ratio is great," Awad said. "We're working on bringing that 'bad' ratio down gradually."

Sunwing said it cancelled the return flight from Cancun to Montreal scheduled for January 5 because of the results of its "ongoing investigation and the group's refusal to agree to all of the conditions of carriage."

Air Canada and Air Transat followed suit and said the group wouldn't be allowed to board their flights to get home.

However, federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos did reveal on January 7 that some of the people who were on the plane where passengers were partying without masks had managed to get back to Canada and were "interrogated" at airports when they landed.

On January 6, Awad released a statement speaking out about the controversial flight.

"I understand why many fellow citizens are upset about the current situation," Awad said.

Awad claimed that Sunwing cancelled the return flight to Montreal "based on presumptions." Apparently, they agreed with the conditions the airline set out but couldn't come to a final agreement because no food would've been available during the flight.

"I have significantly learned, and I am still learning from this experience," Awad said.

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