Ontario Got Hit By An Intense Snowstorm & There Was Even Thundersnow (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Blizzard-like conditions dropped 30 centimetres of snow in some places. ❄️

​Snow falling in a neighbourhood in Ontario during the snowstorm on March 3. Right: Snow-covered neighbourhood in Ontario after the storm.
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Snow falling in a neighbourhood in Ontario during the snowstorm on March 3. Right: Snow-covered neighbourhood in Ontario after the storm.

Parts of Ontario are digging out after being buried by a snowstorm that brought blizzard-like conditions and even a rare phenomenon called thundersnow.

Ontario's weather turned snowy and windy as a storm system moved into the province during the evening on Friday, March 3 and then continued through the morning on Saturday, March 4.

According to The Weather Network, this was a "significant snowfall" and the flakes were heavy and wet because temperatures were near freezing so cleanup from the storm could be difficult.

It's believed that much of southern Ontario got 20 to 30 centimetres of snow with this storm.

Through the night on Friday and on Saturday morning, people across the province were sharing photos and videos of the snowstorm and some even captured the thundersnow!

Some places in Ontario experienced thundersnow, a natural phenomenon of thunder and lightning during a snowstorm.

Mark Robinson, a storm chaser with The Weather Network, told the Toronto Star that thundersnow is "incredibly rare."

He also noted that if you saw lightning light up the sky and heard thunder during the storm, you should consider yourself lucky because it's so uncommon.

It's believed that thundersnow is caused by the same conditions as a regular thunderstorm.

That's when turbulence in the atmosphere causes air near the ground to rise and condense into clouds filled with liquid water and ice crystals.

Then, an electrical charge can be created in the clouds and lead to lightning and thunder, according to National Geographic.

As the storm moved out of southern Ontario in the early morning hours on Saturday, people woke up to a thick blanket of snow but were also treated to sunshine and blue skies.

Many people shared that they were getting out their snowblowers to deal with the snowfall but others posted about having to shovel.

One person who was shovelling said that if you want a free gym you just have to come to Canada in the winter!

As a result of this winter weather, some people in Toronto were left without power.

Toronto Hydro tweeted on Saturday morning that the snowstorm caused "multiple safety emergencies" including downed wires and outages all over the city.

Someone else gave a shout-out to snow plow operators for working throughout the night during the snowstorm to clear streets.

If you were hoping that this would be the last blast of winter weather before the season changes, get ready for some bad news.

Canada's spring forecast from The Weather Network predicted that more winter weather will impact the country in March and April as the season gets off to "a sluggish start."

The Farmers' Almanac's spring weather forecast also called for a "turbulent transition to warmth" with a little bit of everything including rain, snow, slush and warmth.

So, you might not want to put away the shovel and your winter boots just yet!

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