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12 Things To Do With Your S/O This Fall That Are Only A Little Corny

Fall for your person all over again with these autumn date ideas. 🍁

Couple walking in High Park, Toronto. Right: Couple camping.

Couple walking in High Park, Toronto. Right: Couple camping.

Ah, fall. It's a great time of year to experience more of what Toronto has to offer with that special someone.

The air is cooling off, making long walks around the city more enjoyable without summer's humid air wafting the stench of hot garbage at you and bae. Summer may seem romantic but city dwellers know that fall is actually the spiciest season of the year.

And with so much going on during the fall season, we've put together a list of some classic, and maybe some new, spots and activities for you and your person to try.

So, if you're looking for a couple of new date night adventures, take a peek at the list below:

1. Keep patio season alive at Bellwoods Brewery 

The Bellwoods Brewery patio keeps its charm during the fall so you can still enjoy a cold beer outside, or maybe try a more seasonal mulled wine. But if you and your S/O are not yet ready to say goodbye to patio casuals, then this is an awesome option.

2. Go apple picking at a local orchard

Not quite corny but a classic, Hallmark movie-esque fall date. Realistically though, apple picking is a great excuse to get outside, enjoy some fall weather and check out new areas outside the GTA! Seriously, there are some great options to check out nearby.

3. Brave a Toronto Ghost Walk

During the fall, Toronto offers tons of cheap ghost tours and haunted walks around the city. What better excuse to have to hold your SO's hand but a nighttime stroll and local scary history? Toronto certainly is boo-tiful at night!

4. Explore the Evergreen Brickworks

If you and your partner aren't yet ready to commit to a day-trip hike, then look no further than the Evergreen Brickworks. This place offers tranquil greenspace without taking you too far beyond downtown and it's got some seriously great spots for that cute date night gram.

5. Cozy up at a board game bar or cafe

Date night or even a double date? Maybe try a board game bar or cafe! There is no better way to spend a rainy fall afternoon than cozied up with a latte and an extensive range of games you and your people have likely never heard of! Besides, what's cuter than some healthy competition?

6. Test your fear factor at Wonderland's Halloween Haunt

Canada's Wonderland's annual Halloween Haunt is a great date night destination! Take that scary movie night IRL to see how you and your partner fare getting chased around the scare zones by monsters. Or avoid, and just check out the park's amazing rides at night.

7. Hunt for the perfect fall drink at local coffee shops

Well, the pumpkin spice latte (PSL) might be back, but fall has no shortage of cute drinks to try if you're sick of the pumpkin spice. What better reason could there be for you and your pumpkin to try out some local Toronto coffee shops and maybe find some new favourites?

9. Get lost in a corn maze

Missing out on some quality time with bae? No better way to guarantee some undivided attention than getting lost in a corn maze. And there are a lot of farms in the GTA that have corn mazes around this type of year, so it won't be too hard to find one!

10. Get tipsy together at Her Father's Cider Bar

Not into apple picking? More into the finished product? Well, then this cidery is for you. You and your date can taste out a wide range of boozy ciders with a flight of ciders. No better time than fall to check out this Toronto spot.

12. Plan a fall camping trip, and actually follow through

This is a great option for couples with a bit more of an adventurous side. If you're looking to take a break from the city this fall check out a provincial park because there are some great locations nearby for your next camping trip!

If you're not into tenting in colder weather maybe opt for a day trip to check out a hike.

15. Indulge in a fall-themed dessert at Dufflet

There's no shortage of Toronto bakeries to try but Queen Street's Dufflet never disappoints. Especially when it comes to desserts. This time of year, their fan favourite pumpkin cheesecake is back and couples with a sweet tooth need to try it ASAP!

19. Hit up the drive-in theater before it gets too cold!

Trust us, the drive-in is way more romantic in the fall. You'll be able to cuddle under a blanket without sweating your ass off, and you won't have to worry about mosquitos getting into your car. Halloween movies and scary movies offer the perfect excuse to scoot a little bit closer to that special person.

This article has been updated since it was originally published on September 29 2016.

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