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Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things' Right: Charlie Hunnam.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things' Right: Charlie Hunnam.

Stranger Things | Netflix, @soafx | Instagram

Has enduring two years of lockdowns got you chomping at the bit for the latest Toronto Fan Expo? Well, rejoice nerds! The 2022 lineup is a slapper.

Fan Expo Canada is doing the absolute most to ensure plenty of big names make their way to the 6ix for the four-day event from Aug. 25 to 28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this summer.

Fan-favourite actors from Stranger Things or Lord of the Ringscould potentially wander into your go-to coffee shop this month, and the buildup is enough to make any die-hard stan's heart flutter.

Joseph Quinn

Eddie Munson, the leader of Hellfire Club and heartthrob of the summer will make his first ever North American convention appearance at Fan Expo Canada on August 27 and 28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Stranger Things star's appearance will even include a Q&A session, so you can squeak in a thirsty question or two. If you want to snag a photo with the star, you'll have to cough up $130 and $100 for an autograph.

Matthew Lewis

Harry Potter, who? Neville Longbottom may be one of the most underrated characters in film history, from a frumpy klutz to a fearless hero.

Now you and your friends have the chance to meet Matthew Lewis, the Harry Potter star who brought Longbottom to life during his appearance at, you guessed it, Fan Expo Canada. An autograph will cost you $70 and photo op is $95.

The Lord Of The Rings hobbits

Brace yourself, Tolkien geeks. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are set to reunite right in front of your "precious" fan eyes during a joint appearance at Fan Expo Canada this year.

But you may not even need to go to the Fan Expo to see Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and Sean Astin in person! They were spotted out at a popular restaurant while visiting the Calgary Expo in April, so keep your eyes peeled those last few weeks of August!

Can you imagine bumping into this lot while walking downtown? You'd feel like Gandalf the Grey himself.

Katee Sackhoff

Star Wars fans will also have the opportunity to geek out over certified badass Kate Sackhoff during her appearance at Fan Expo Canada this month.

The Mandalorian star will be at the event on August 27 and 28 to sign autographs and take photos. Word's not out if she'll be bringing or, more importantly, swinging the dark saber or not.

Charlie Hunnam and the cast of Sons Of Anarchy

Yup. Everyone's favourite Sons Of Anarchy characters are headed to the 416 on August 27 to 28 to hang with fans and sign autographs.

Charlie Hunnam will be appearing on Saturday and Sunday and an autograph will run you $125 and a photo costs $140.

Do your best to act natural and not be thrown by his native accent if you see him (Brits get all the best parts).

Jay and Silent Bob

Snoochie Boochies! The '90s comedy icon are teaming up once again to give you the chance to interact with the iconic duo. If Kevin Smith is a master at anything, it's keeping his feverishly loyal fan base happy.

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