Canadians On TikTok Are Debating The Country's Friendliest Places & Vancouver Is Not Winning

"Go to Halifax, Ontario is like Vancouver to us 🥲"

Western Canada Editor
Toronto TikToker who moved to Vancouver.

Toronto TikToker who moved to Vancouver.

Canada is known for its friendliness, but does that go for every province? Apparently not.

A TikToker from Ontario who moved to Vancouver sparked a debate on how friendly people are in different Canadian cities and provinces, and one spot in particular stood out.

Maya Kapouranis has made quite a few TikTok videos about moving to Vancouver, and in a recent one, she roasted the people in the city for not being as neighbourly to strangers, compared to people in Ontario.

Not a ton of people were coming out hard to defend Vancouver, which says something. "Life was so much more joyous in Ottawa, Vancouver is so anti social," one TikToker wrote.

On top of people agreeing with Kapouranis, some shouted out other provinces, which they claim to be the friendliest of them all.

Many put the Maritimes at the top of the list.


I just want to be friends!!! #vancouverlife

"The west isn't friendly. I'm in Ontario - 50/50 friendly. Atlantic Canada friendliest people," one person said.

The tables sure did turn on Ontario, when the even more friendly people came for them. "I'm in the Maritimes and we think Ontarians act like Vancouverites," someone said.

One step up still apparently, is Newfoundland. "If this was in Newfoundland, there would be a full on conversation until you realize you are relatives," a TikToker wrote.

The chitchat spans across the East Coast it seems. "In NB, the person responding would be asking how your parents are doing and ask you to say hi to them for you."

Toronto didn't get away unscathed. "There is an exception in Ontario however. It's called Toronto," someone wrote.

There were a few out there willing to send some love to Vancouver, but others shut them down quickly. "I’m from Ontario and people ignore each other. I live in B.C. now and friendliest people anywhere," a TikToker said in the comments. However, another person called Vancouverites "cold and distant."

One person who lived in Vancouver and is currently living in New York even said "Vancouverites are very cold and cliquey people." Yikes!

That goes for Europe too apparently. Another person said that they "came from Europe and couldn't believe how some people are cold, phoney and unfriendly," in Vancouver.

More provinces were brought into the fold too. Someone said Albertans are "welcoming" and a have "different vibe than Vancouver." Another added that in Alberta you'll spot "people will have a full conversation with strangers."

That goes for Quebec too it seems, as a commenter wrote: "Lived in Vancouver for five years, never got to know my neighbours. Live in Montreal, know all of them."

Before you go and write off the West Coast though, some people in the comments made a point to say that people outside of the city are different.

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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