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I Tried Drake's Order At A Restaurant In Vancouver That Celebs Love & Was Totally Surprised

@champagnepapi knows how to pick a good restaurant! 🍝

Vancouver Staff Writer
Chef Pino Posteraro and Drake. Right: Chef Pino Posteraro and Ashley Harris.

Chef Pino Posteraro and Drake. Right: Chef Pino Posteraro and Ashley Harris.

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I tried out this restaurant in Vancouver that is constantly being hit up by famous celebrities, including Drake.

Cioppino's has been ranked among the best Italian dining spots in the world, and now I can understand why. When deciding what to eat there, I had to copy my favourite of the big-name celebs who went there.

So, I asked chef Pino Posteraro to whip up exactly what he made Drake, and I was pretty surprised by the menu items. The rap artist from Toronto has visited the restaurant multiple times over the years, so has tested out a few meals, including chickpea pizza.

I wasn't convinced that I would love chickpea pizza and had never eaten it before, but I was happily surprised.

It's safe to say that I was stuffed by the end of the night, after sampling Drake's favourite things.

Chef Pino let me know that he made Drake the chickpea pizza with mushrooms and a penne dish with spot prawns.

Ashley Harris.Ashley Harris.Ashley Harris | Narcity

I didn't expect a chickpea pizza to be so damn good

I started off by trying a smaller version of the chickpea pizza with mushrooms, just like Drake's. I'm going to be honest, this totally surprised me. As I said, I had never tried chickpea pizza before, so I had my doubts. Luckily though it was amazing.

It's not like your typical pizza where you would use your hands. I actually had to use a fork and knife to eat this pizza dish. The crust was so tasty I kept forgetting it was made out of chickpeas in the first place.

Plus, the vegetable toppings were magnificent and fresh too.

Chickpea pizza with mushrooms.Chickpea pizza with mushrooms.Ashley Harris | Narcity

The pasta impressed

After taking a quick break, I got to try out the next dish that Drake also ordered — the penne pasta with spot prawns. At this point, I was already full, but I could not put the fork down.

The aroma of the pasta dish was to die for and the giant wild prawns were seriously some of the best I have ever had.

Penne pasta with spot prawns.Penne pasta with spot prawns.Ashley Harris | Narcity

I seriously crushed two meals for dinner and I wasn't mad about it — it was just all so darn good.

Penne pasta with spot prawns.Penne pasta with spot prawns.Ashley Harris | Narcity

My dessert came with gold flakes on top

Of course, I saved the tiniest bit of room for a chocolate cake desert that came with gold flakes on top. If this doesn't scream celeb-worthy, I don't know what does.

Chocolate cake.Chocolate cake.Ashley Harris | Narcity

The atmosphere was so celeb-worthy

Not only has Drake dined at this restaurant but other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa and George Clooney have dined here too.

The large restaurant has dim lighting and bottles of nice wines around every corner, it's no wonder so many celebrities enjoy this spot so much.

Even Stanley Tucci wrote about the restaurant in his award-winning book TASTE: My Life Through Food.

If you haven't been to Cioppino's yet, I would highly suggest adding it to your list. It's an absolutely perfect spot for a fancy date night out to test Drake's dishes and pretend to be a celebrity for the night.

Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill

Price: 💸💸💸💸

Address: 1133 Hamilton St., Vancouver, BC


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