The 5 Cheapest Cities To Live In BC & How Much You Need To Earn To Have A Basic Life

Spoiler alert: Vancouver is not one of them.

The 5 Cheapest Cities To Live In BC & How Much You Need To Earn To Have A Basic Life

B.C. is a stunning place to live, with lots to do and amazing people, but it's also incredibly expensive. There are a few places you can live in the province and still manage to save some money though.

B.C.'s living wage was just revealed in a report from Living Wage for Families B.C., and for some cities—like Vancouver—it's super high.

The living wage is the amount you need to be making to get by on a basic lifestyle living in the city.

Living Wage for Families BC

The minimum wage in B.C. is $15.20/hr, and unfortunately, all the cities living wages were higher than that. This means that working on minimum wage is not sustainable in any city in the province.

The good news is that some cities are cheaper to live in than others, and a couple of them are amazing places to live.

Here's a list of the five cheapest cities to live in B.C.


Do you wanna live that island life? Here's your chance.

The living wage in Nanaimo is only $16.33/hr, making it the cheapest city in B.C. to live in.

Comox Valley

This beautiful city will only cost you $16.44/hr to live.


This tiny city is a nature-lover's dream and has a living wage of $16.71/hr.

Fraser Valley

This is an area, and not a city, but includes places like Hope, Abbotsford, and Mission. It's all stunning though and has a living wage of $16.71/hr.

Columbia Valley

There is tons to do in this town, especially if you love the outdoors, and the living wage is $17.18/hr.

Vancouver is known for its expensive cost of living, which gets especially tricky if you want to have kids. Some people have decided that it's not worth it to start a family here and are packing their bags.

Inevitably, kids require people to spend more money. In a city that already has super high rent and home prices, it makes sense that some people don't want — or financially can't afford — to have children there.

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