Vancouver Is Ranked Among The Top Places In The World For Women Taking A Solo Vacation

It beat every other place in Canada! 🇨🇦

Vancouver Is Ranked Among The Top Places In The World For Women Taking A Solo Vacation
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Vancouver was just ranked among the top places in the world for women going on a solo vacation. It was the only city in Canada on the list of the top 10 in the world — sorry Toronto!

If you're searching for that perfect place to explore, but want to stay safe while doing it — Vancouver is the place to go for vacation.

A ranking from InsureMyTrip listed Vancouver as the fourth-best city in the world for solo female travel based on factors like absence of attacks, quality things to do, and feeling safe walking alone at night.

If you're currently living in Vancouver, it's super reassuring to know the city feels safe for so many solo female travellers. If you're jealous of everyone getting to come for a visit, it might be time to play tourist in your own city.

The ranking monitored hashtags like "#womenwhoexplore, #sheisnotlost and #girlslovetravel," to see how often they were used for each city in the world.

Lisbon and Munich all ranked higher than Vancouver, and Madrid came in with the first-place win. The report said that Madrid scored high in their gender equality, lack of attacks based on gender, and absence of discrimination.

The cost of a trip was also a factor of the study — which is maybe why Vancouver didn't take first place. Although Vancity is beautiful, it's also an expensive city.

Some other cities came in with the worst rankings. For solo female travellers, it may be wise to skip travelling to Johor Bahru, Dehli and Kuala Lumpur — as these were ranked at the bottom of the list.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.