Vancouver Made The World's Best Food Destinations List & It's The Only Canadian City

Sorry, Toronto!

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Woman eating at Nook restaurant in Vancouver. Right: Gastown steam clock and streets at night.

Woman eating at Nook restaurant in Vancouver. Right: Gastown steam clock and streets at night.

As part of the Traveller's Choice Awards, Tripadvisor just released its 2023 Best Food Destinations list, highlighting 20 cities that are ideal travel destinations for foodies.

Listed among the likes of Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Jamaica, New Orleans, Bangkok, Cuba and NYC, Vancouver made the list for its rich culinary scene — and no other Canadian city did.

Though the city did come in at 20th place, Vancouver's definitely got something to be proud of. The list also praised the West Coast city for its parks, forests and other attractions.

Tripadvisor's Traveller's Choice Awards rankings are determined by "the quality and quantity of traveller reviews and ratings," according to the Tripadvisor website.

As of late, Vancouver's culinary prowess has been getting ample recognition.

A Vancouver restaurant was recently ranked as the top place to eat in Canada this year by Yelp users, a local Italian restaurant was named one of the best in the world and several Vancouver eateries have also been recognized by Michelin.

If you'd like to get a taste of the action at some of Vancouver's yummiest restaurants, now is a good time to do it. The Dine Out Vancouver Festival is on until February 5, and you can get discounted three-course meals during this time.

The city's even got a Hot Chocolate Festival running until February 14 — what a time to be alive.

There's no denying that this city knows what's up when it comes to good food, drink and ambiance. Whether you're a local or a tourist, let your palate be your tour guide as you taste your way through B.C.

Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.