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20 Self-Care Gift Ideas To Keep Those You Love Prim & Pampered All Winter Long

Let them sit back, relax & enjoy the holidays. 💅

20 Self-Care Gift Ideas To Keep Those You Love Prim & Pampered All Winter Long
Staff Writer, Studio

Narcity may receive a small commission if you purchase something we recommend in this article, which was created by the Commerce team. Items are in stock and prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

The holidays are getting closer, and I personally can't wait to finish all of my holiday shopping. From stocking stuffers to home decor, there's a lot to think about and spend money on!

While I plan on doing most of my shopping at small businesses in Toronto, I'm going to be buying a handful of self-care gifts because they never seem to disappoint.

If you're looking for thoughtful self-care and wellness gifts, you've come to the right place. Here are 20 products that'll help those on your list chill the heck out. As a self-care enthusiast myself, I would be ecstatic to receive any of these items.

Hug Bud Weighted Blanket

Amazon Canada

Price: $76.99

Details: This best-selling weighted blanket on Amazon Canada will do more than keep your friends or family cozy this winter. It can also provide them with therapeutic benefits, like stress and anxiety relief and even a better night's sleep.


Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick

Sephora Canada

Price: $37

Details: Beauty lovers will adore this retinol eye stick, which couldn't be easier to apply. With just one swipe, it'll address dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, texture and more.


RENPHO Eye Massaging Device

Price: $79.99 ($89.99)

Details: This eye massager would make a great gift for anyone who stares at a screen for most of their day. Shoppers say it can help relieve headaches, tension and even improve sleep. You can also check out RENPHO's deep tissue massage gun while you're at it, too. It's currently on sale for $139.99. 


Jo Malone Cologne Collection Set

Price: $150

Details: With five delicious Jo Malone scents to play with, they'll obsess over how good they smell. These scents are made for layering, too, so they can experiment with a variety of combinations.


LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier

Amazon Canada

Price: $99.99

Details: Save your loved ones combat dry skin this winter with a cool mist humidifier. This one is great for larger rooms because it has a six-litre tank that'll last up to 60 hours. It comes with an app that allows them to control it from their phone and they can use it with Alexa, too, so they never have to get out of bed to turn it on or off.


Heatless Babe Waves Kit

Price: $50

Details: If you know someone who is trying to decrease the amount of heat they use on their hair, get them this heatless waves kit designed right here in Canada by a female entrepreneur! It comes with a smooth wave cushion they can use to curl their locks, two satin scrunchies and a beautiful pearl hair clip.


Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40

Sephora Canada

Price: $48

Details: This product will remind them that wearing sunscreen in the winter is just as important. It has a subtle sheen that'll make their skin shine, even when it's feeling a little dull during the colder months. It's also available in a mini size, which would make the perfect stocking stuffer.


Waterpik Professional Water Flosser

Amazon Canada

Price: $85.16 ($99.99)

Details: We all know someone who's absolutely obsessed with their teeth, right? If they don't already one, they'll love this water flosser. According to the reviews, flossing with water seems to be the new preferred method. Shoppers say it's way easier than regular flossing and love how refreshed their teeth feel after using it.


Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Massage Device

Price: $249

Details: This year, give them the gift of muscle rehabilitation with an at-home massage whenever they need it. This device can help release aches, strain and tension so they can feel more relaxed in their day-to-day. It's small and compact which will make it a breeze to bring along when travelling. It's currently available in black or white.

$249 On INDIGO

MAISON Luxurious Silk Pillowcase


Price: $75

Details: Help them protect their hair and skin while they sleep with a luxurious silk pillowcase. It won't soak up their face creams, like cotton pillowcases tend to, plus, it'll keep their luscious locks from breaking. 


Fitbit Sense Advanced Smart Watch

Price: $249.95 ($399.95)

Details: This Fitbit will let them keep track of everything from their workouts to their menstrual cycles. It can even track their stress levels, which they'll love if they're aiming to be more zen going into 2022.

$249.95 On AMAZON

Cadrim Wake-Up Alarm Clock With Sunrise Simulation

Amazon Canada

Price: $57

Details: This fancy yet affordable alarm clock will help them get out of bed by simulating an actual sunrise. The light will gradually brighten as the nature sound of their choice slowly gets louder to wake them up. It can also simulate a sunset, which can help get them to sleep at night, too.


Rael Acne Healing Patches

Amazon Canada

Price: $25.29

Details: These pimple patches are a great stocking stuffer idea! Reviewers say using one of these patches is easier than using the small ones most brands sell. They also describe how satisfying it is to peel off after wearing it for a few hours.


Drunk Elephant Value Set

Sephora Canada

Price: $568

Details: Valued at $852, this exquisite value set will absolutely wow the beauty lover in your life. It comes with ten Drunk Elephant skincare products that are packaged perfectly in a suitcase they'll be able to use as a carry-on for their next vacation.


Graydon Skincare 

Price: $20+

Details: Graydon Skincare offers plant-powered, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to soothe and treat dry skin. You can head over to Detox Market to review an array of products any skincare lover would adore.


Voluspa Mini Pedestal Candle Set

Sephora Canada

Price: $64

Details: These Voluspa candles are sure to inspire your busy-as-a-bee friend to take a breather and lounge in bed this holiday season. They'll love the warm and sensual scents of vanilla and Tahitian coconut.


Bathtub Caddy Tray

Amazon Canada

Price: $43.99

Details: You can also encourage them to sit back and take a relaxing bath this holiday season with this handy bathtub tray. The arms extend so it'll fit over most bathtubs. It comes with a stand that allows them to rest their tablet or book while they bask in bubbles. You can also pair it with a bathtub pillow for extra comfort.


Bloom Balance Healing Ear Seeds Starter Kit

Bloom Balance

Price: $45

Details: Based in Toronto, Bloom Balance is a company that specializes in wellness and self-care. These healing ear seeds are designed to relieve stress, anxiety and pain. They're described as "acupuncture on the go", which is pretty neat if you ask me. You can click here for more info about how they work.


Dollar Shave Club

May Ning | Narcity Media

Price: $9.97

Details: For those who love to keep a clean-shaven face, you can pick up a Dollar Shave Club starter set to include in their stocking this year. Reviewers love how sturdy the handle is and say it doesn't give them razor burn.


Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Amazon Canada

Price: $44.95

Details: Anyone who works in front of a computer screen knows how uncomfortable sitting for long periods can get. You can do their back (and their posture) a favour by getting them this lumbar pillow for the holidays. Reviewers say it can help to relieve pain, discomfort and fatigue.


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