I Went To A Sex Club In Toronto With A Totally Open Mind & Here's What It's Like Inside

Condoms and lube are provided!

The outdoor of Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto.

The outdoor of Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto.

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If you've ever wanted to visit a sex club in Canada but aren't sure what the whole situation would be like, I've got you covered.

I recently found out that Oasis Aqualounge — which calls itself "a sexy social club for those 19+" — is less than two kilometres away from my apartment in Toronto, so I decided to check it out with a totally open mind.

On its website, the "water themed adult’s private members spa and lounge" promises an exciting environment where visitors can "spice things up, day or night" in its hot tub, sauna, or year-round outdoor heated pool.

Although the sex club itself was founded in 2010, it's located in a restored 19th-century mansion. It comes fully equipped with two bars, a poolside patio, and four floors of so-called "decorated play areas."

From what I witnessed to what the vibes are like, here's what it's like inside.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Checking in

Given that I arrived at 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night, I was a bit surprised that there was a lineup to get in. The line moved a little slowly but when it was my turn to pay and sign in, I discovered why.

Before you enter the club, you have to sign a form consenting that you will witness nudity and sexual activity. As well, an employee gave me a rundown on what type of behaviour is appropriate, with "no meaning no" of course being the most important rule to follow.

I was then given a key for a locker, which was conveniently attached to a wristband and a friendly employee gave me a tour of the building and facilities as well as a drink ticket, which I thought was a nice touch!

The building and facilities

After signing the forms, I was led into the main bar area where people were in a variety of dress and undress with some choosing to wear towels.

People seemed to generally just be hanging out and grabbing a drink, although I imagine it might be a fun place to dance later in the evening as there was a stripper pole in the middle of the dance floor.

I was then shown the sauna and hot tub area, which looked super inviting but given that it was about 30 C in Toronto, there was no one in that area at the time.

Next up was the pool where people were mainly relaxing out by the water on lounge chairs and having a drink, mostly nude. In the water, people were playing volleyball and splashing about with fun pool toys provided by Oasis. The water looked like a great way to cool down.

The locker room is for all genders and there are lots of towels, showers, and, of course, lockers with a lock provided to secure your valuables.

The second floor

On the second floor, they have an area called "The Dungeon" where there is a variety of equipment and bondage devices like a swing, a St. Andrew's Cross and other furniture.

Oasis notes on their website that for hygienic reasons, guests are invited to bring their own items "like floggers, restraints, etc."

During my time in that room, I did see someone bring their own cane which they used on their partner.

On the other side of The Dungeon is a larger room called The Ballroom, where some of the club's events are held. At the time that I was there, it wasn't overly busy and people (mostly nude) were just hanging out in there.

The third floor

While sex is allowed in any area of the club, it seems that the third floor is where things get properly busy.

The various spaces on the third floor all have fun names: The Red Room, The Porn Room, and the Shagging Wagon.

In these rooms, there were people who were partially clothed, naked and in towels, as well as people engaging in foreplay and having sex.

There is also a bar on the third floor, which is convenient so you don't have to go up and down two flights of stairs if you need a drink. The bar also has window-like holes that peek into The Red Room, which allows you to watch what people in there are getting up to.

There are also a variety of condoms and lubes in all of the rooms (including the ones on the second floor).

How it all works

One of the things that I wondered about before I went in was cleanliness, which they have a system for.

On the different surfaces you can play on, there are little laminated cards informing you if a surface has been cleaned, which means it's been disinfected and wiped down. If there isn't a card, you can either wipe it down yourself or the staff will do it for you, which I saw them doing regularly.

In terms of playing with others, safety is drilled into guests when paying for admission, as well as during the tour. If you want to observe someone, there is a red line that you have to stand behind.

If you are invited by someone to cross that red line, you are allowed to play if you want to. You can also ask if you may cross. If someone says no to anything, you are not allowed to ask them again.

At all times, consent is critical and you can let the staff know if someone is misbehaving or if someone is making you feel uncomfortable. The staff are definitely on top of things and they seem to have their eye on everything that's happening to make sure everyone is behaving in an acceptable way and not being harassed.

The club is open to anyone from Sunday to Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday, only sole females and couples are allowed in.

The overall experience

For my first time going to a sex club, I was personally a little overwhelmed — not by the nudity or sexual activity happening but more so that I was unsure of what to do with myself in general.

I know that watching people is expected as all of the rooms are open and people are aware of that but I was a little in my head about it in terms of feeling like I was being rude or overstepping in some way. That being said, I do have pretty intense social anxiety (and anxiety in general), so my reaction wasn't that different than how I feel in most new situations I find myself in.

I do have to say that the vibes were good, I felt safe the entire time and it was clear that people around me were having fun and that no one was being judgemental in any kind of way.

I'd say the general demographic was people over the age of 30 and I saw a truly diverse range of people, as well as people engaging in both same-sex play as well as different-sex play.


Price: $15 — $115

Address: 231 Mutual St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you're interested in checking out a sex club, Oasis is a great spot to experience it for the first time!

Accessibility: The building is not accessible but support is available.


Sarah Rohoman
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