Snowboarder Was Kicked Out Of A  Popular Ontario Ski Resort For Not Wearing A Mask (VIDEO)

"The situation is disheartening for everyone involved."

Snowboarder Was Kicked Out Of A  Popular Ontario Ski Resort For Not Wearing A Mask (VIDEO)
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Waiting to sit on a chairlift to get on the slopes is already tedious enough. Imagine how much worse it can be when security gets involved.

A video circulating on social media shows a snowboarder who is not wearing a mask and refuses to listen to staff at Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario.

The incident was recorded on February 1 and appears to show security at the resort trying to stop a snowboarder from getting on a ski lift.

In a tweet posted on February 19, the user captions the video, "A dad in Canada refuses to follow a ski resort's face mask policy to get on the lift."

There are many voices in the background where a large crowd can be heard in the video. Additionally, the snowboarder is being handled by multiple security members from the resort trying to get the person out of the way.

"Get your hands off me," the snowboarder says while people in the crowd are also yelling "Don't touch him," "You can't arrest him," and a lot more.

The video shows the person falling to the ground and resisting security while still having the snowboard attached to their foot. Multiple people from the crowd then interfere, causing chaos and voices in the background get angrier.

"You are breaking my rights as a Canadian citizen," the snowboarder later says.

Blue Mountain Resort told Narcity that the incident occurred on February 1, when "a guest was repeatedly reminded that masks are required to ride the chairlift."

"After repeated refusal, he was given numerous opportunities to leave the lift line which were also refused and resulted in significant service interruption and crowding of guests waiting to load the chair," they added.

They also said, "the situation was reviewed extensively by management and it was determined the actions of our security personnel appropriately followed our escalation protocol."

Collingwood OPP also told Narcity that officers attended the scene and deescalated the situation. As a result, the snowboarder was escorted off the Blue Mountain premises, and no charges were laid.

As of March 1, Blue Mountain Resort hopes that the experience on their slopes goes back to normal and that masks become optional on the chairlifts. But, until then, they are following rules that were implemented at the start of the ski season in accordance with public health authorities.

Blue Mountain Resort said, "The situation is disheartening for everyone involved" and that they are "a family-friendly destination for people to enjoy skiing and riding as safely as possible during this time."

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Mira Nabulsi
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