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Wild Storms Are Rolling Through Ontario RN & The Videos Are Actually Unreal

Ontario has been experiencing a bout of extreme weather this summer, and it looks like that's far from over.

On Tuesday, September 7, several parts of the province — particularly Southern Ontario — experienced extreme stormy weather, according to The Weather Network. People are sharing doomsday-like scenes they've captured as storm clouds move from region to region.

Twitter user MaryAnn Williams shared this photo of a waterspout developing over a lake in Port Albert.

Courtesy of Dan Bodkin | Twitter

Huron County resident Dan Bodkin shared this eerie panoramic photo of a massive storm cloud approaching Huron County. "Got home safe," he told Narcity on Twitter, adding that the storm was "still coming in."

Samatha Peksa | Narcity

Narcity Deputy Editor Samatha Peksa captured heavy rain clouds billowing over Markham.

News anchor Lisa Drew tweeted a photo of dense grey clouds in the southwestern town of St. Mary's at 6:00 p.m.

Narcity staff writer Madeline Forsythe caught hail beating down on her porch on camera in Kincardine.

Twitter user Jamie Crain shared a photo of a hailstone the size of a quarter in the town of Grand Valley, Dufferin County.

Another video shows a powerful gust of rain and wind nearly blowing a Port Elgin resident off their feet.

Meteorologist Mark Robinson shared what the view from his windscreen looked like as he drove southeast to Lucknow, Bruce County.

The Government of Canada has issued warnings alerting people to take cover and stay indoors if threatening weather approaches.

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