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People walking on a pedestrian street near terrasses in the town of Canmore. Right: The lighthouse at Sylvan Lake.

People walking on a pedestrian street near terrasses in the town of Canmore. Right: The lighthouse at Sylvan Lake.

Cities in Alberta might have some of the most affordable housing costs in Canada, but the province also has a ton of stunning small towns that people might not have even considered living in before.

One Reddit user asked locals which small towns in Alberta they would love to live in, and so many people reached out to share their dream locations in the province.

From lakeside beach towns to small communities nestled in the Rocky Mountains, these six small towns in Alberta came highly recommended:

Canmore, AB

For a lot of Reddit users, Canmore was top of the list of places to live in Alberta. The stunning town is just over an hour away from Calgary but it feels like a million miles away with its incredible mountain views.

You'll also have the gorgeous lakes of Kananaskis and Banff right on your doorstep and access to some of the most beautiful hikes in the world. What's not to love?

Sylvan Lake, AB

One user also recommended the beach town of Sylvan Lake. Just 20-minutes out from Red Deer, the lakeside town almost feels like it's by the coast, complete with an adorable lighthouse on the waterfront.

The town really comes alive in the summertime and, unlike most places in Alberta, you could spend sunny days relaxing on the beach and taking dips in the stunning lake.

Nordegg, AB

Tucked away in David Thompson Country, Nordegg came highly recommended from Albertans. A Reddit user said the town has some of the most scenic places to visit in the whole province.

Found just an hour out from Rocky Mountain House, the tiny town is just by Abraham Lake, a must-see in Alberta, famous for its incredible ice bubbles in the winter.

Drumheller, AB

Reddit users also recommended the town of Drumheller, which is less than 1.5 hours from Calgary but you could almost believe you were right in the desert instead.

Set in a unique landscape in Alberta, you'll be able to visit incredible canyons and the Drumheller Hoodoos, which are unlike anything you'll see elsewhere in the province.

Cold Lake, AB

A Reddit user was also quick to recommend Cold Lake. Right on the Saskatchewan border, this beach town has fine sandy beaches to spend your summer days.

The huge lake is perfect for water sports, and you can also hike around the lakeshore and take in the gorgeous views of the provincial park.

Crowsnest Pass, AB

Crownest Pass was also a hit with Albertans due to how close the town is to Waterton National Park, Castle Provincial Park, and Fernie, B.C..

Made up of five smaller towns – Bellevue, Coleman, Blairmore, Frank, and Hillcrest – the region has stunning mountain views but it's a whole lot quieter than Banff or Jasper. There are incredible lakes and hikes to enjoy without the crowds.

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