Canada's Month-By-Month Spring Forecast Reveals When Warm Weather Will Finally Take Over

Spring is on the way! ☀️☔

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​Person standing near a waterfall in Ontario. Right: Tulips blossoming in Montreal.

Person standing near a waterfall in Ontario. Right: Tulips blossoming in Montreal.

There is a month-by-month spring forecast for Canada that breaks down what's expected to happen with the weather in every province throughout the season.

With this 2023 forecast that The Old Farmer's Almanac has released, you can find out what you're in for during spring.

It offers a sneak peek at what the conditions will be like from March to June in Canada and whether it's snow, rain, summer-like sunshine, mild temperatures or frigid cold.

So, if you're wondering when winter weather will melt away and the heat will finally turn on where you live, here's the long-range spring forecast for every province.


In March, B.C. will be dealing with rain and snow showers with chilly temperatures to start off the month before transitioning to a few showers in the north and sunny conditions in the south. Then, the month will end with a rain-snow mix and mild temperatures.

April starts with sunshine, mild temperatures and a few rain showers. There will be rain every week of the month with temperatures flip-flopping between cool and mild.

B.C. is forecast to have alternating periods of cool, mild and chilly temperatures during the first few weeks of May along with rain. Then, the month will end with sunny and warm conditions!

During the last month of the season, there will be showers every week and temperatures will start off cool but then turn mild and even warm by the end of June.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

March in the Prairies is set to start off with sunshine in the east but rain and snow showers in the west.

While there will be a brief period of mild temperatures across the region, the end of the month will be snowy and cold.

April will be sunny and mild before a blast of snow and chilly temperatures take over. Then, the last few weeks of the month will be mild.

Across the Prairies, May is forecast to flip-flop from rain showers and cold temperatures to sunny and warm conditions.

In June, there will be a few showers at the start of the month but then those turn into thunderstorms near the end of the month. Also, periods of warmth will give a break from cool temperatures.


In Ontario, March is forecast to have rain, snow showers and snowstorms through the month with brief shots of mild temperatures.

There will be more rain and snow showers at the start of the month and even though sunny conditions will take over in the last few weeks, temperatures are expected to be mostly chilly and cool.

In May, rain and cool temperatures will be pushed aside by sunshine, thunderstorms and warmth.

Almost every week of June is set to have showers or thunderstorms but with mild and warm temperatures as spring comes to an end and summer arrives!


March in Quebec is forecast to have just about everything with sunshine, cold temperatures, rain showers, snowstorms and mild conditions expected throughout the month.

There will be periods of rain and snow in April but with brief shots of mild and sunny conditions to break up the stormy weather.

The province is in for mild and warm temperatures at the beginning of May with some isolated rainy periods before turning cool at the end of the month.

June will start and end with cool temperatures but the middle of the month will be warm with some showers breaking up periods of sunshine.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland

There will be snowstorms, flurries, rain-snow mixes and rain showers throughout March in Atlantic Canada with temperatures going back and forth between cold, chilly and mild.

April is expected to bring more of the same as rain or snow is in the forecast every week of the month. While temperatures will be mostly cool, there will be quite a bit of sunshine.

In May, the weather will be sunny with warm temperatures and some rain to start before turning cool in some parts of the region.

Atlantic Canada is set to start June with rainy periods and cool temperatures before the sun breaks through for a bit and the weather gets very warm in most places. Scattered showers will pop up but they won't be extreme.

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