Ryan Reynolds Talked About Fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling & Got Real About 'The Notebook'

He said it would be unwatchable if he was in it. 😬

Ryan Reynolds Talked About Fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling & Got Real About 'The Notebook'

Two very famous Ryans hail from the Great White North, and Ryan Reynolds recently chatted about the confusion between himself and Ryan Gosling.

On Monday, December 20, the Red Notice star appeared on the Dear Hank & Johnpodcast, hosted by brothers Hank and John Green.

Although the podcast has nothing to do with Reynolds, Hank shared that over the years they'd received quite a few questions about the Hollywood star.

"I know the difference between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, but every time I try to picture one of them in my head, I just see their faces blurred together in a hybrid Ryan, possibly named Ryan Gosnolds," wrote in one of their listeners. "Is there a solution to this problem?"

"I have always remembered it this way: Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian and Ryan Gosling is a very small goose," joked Hank.

"Nailed it," replied Reynolds.

"I don't have a hard time with this because I close my eyes and I picture Ryan Reynolds starring in The Notebook, and I'm like, 'Nah, that wouldn't happen,'" John explained.

"No way," Reynolds confirmed. "That would have failed horrendously."

"I promise you, it would have been unwatchable," said Reynolds.

Hank went on to ask the actor if it was him or Gosling that started out on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club, which Reynolds confirmed was the other Ryan.

He did add that he started at a very young age like his fellow Canadian, with a spot on a teen soap opera for Nickelodeon called Fifteen, which he acted in while also keeping up with his paper route.

He also mentioned that he worked as a busboy and at a Safeway grocery store, both of which he said he looks back on as "one of the most fun jobs" he's ever had.

So much for the glamour of Hollywood!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.