The Vancouver Aquarium Is Hiring & These Baby Seals Could Be Your Co-Workers

Dream job alert! 🚨

The Vancouver Aquarium Is Hiring & These Baby Seals Could Be Your Co-Workers
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The Vancouver Aquarium is hiring right now and baby seals could end up being your co-workers. There are multiple positions that will allow you to be around sea life all day long.

What a dream job this would be!

If you love animals and meet the requirements for these jobs, it could be time for a career shift.

Imagine working but also getting to hang out with some cute creatures. From veterinary services to retail associates there is a job opening for almost anyone that loves the Aquarium.

Veterinary Fellowship

Job Category: Veterinary Services

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a background in veterinary medicine is perfect for this job. You will get to assist veterinary staff and medically manage sealife — including mammals and seals.

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Social Media Specialist

Job Category: Engagement

Who Should Apply: If you are a lover of social media and all things animals — this job will be a great fit. You will develop social media and marketing strategies, plus, get to take pictures of the adorable sea life.

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Retail Sales Associate

Job Category: Retail Services

Who Should Apply: Anyone that loves to greet and chat about the exciting things happening at the aquarium will be great for this position. Plus, you get to see a smile on every child's face that walks out with a cute gift shop toy!

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Curator - Marine Mammals

Job Category: Animal Operations

Who Should Apply: If you are a hands-on planner, have a Biology or Zoology degree — and of course, love marine mammals — this will become your whole life. Every day you will get to work with seals or other marine mammals.

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Security Guard

Job Category: Building Operations

Who Should Apply: If you are passionate about the safety of the aquarium, protecting people and animals, then look no further. This job will require someone to ensure public safety.

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