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Ontario's 2022 Winter Forecast Dropped & It Will Be A 'Messy Mix Of Snow, Ice & Rain'

There will also be some mild periods of weather!

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario's 2022 Winter Forecast Dropped & It Will Be A 'Messy Mix Of Snow, Ice & Rain'

Winter is coming. The latest update for Ontario's 2022 winter forecast was just released, and it is looking like all sorts of weather is going to hit the province this season.

While there are going to be some nicer periods, The Weather Network reports there will also be some major winter weather coming to the province, too.

"An active storm track should bring an abundance of snow to much of the region at times, but many systems will also bring a messy mix of snow, ice and rain, especially across southern areas," TWN says.

Ontario may also see a "prolonged thaw" due to the longer periods of milder weather, which will especially happen throughout southern parts of the province.

La Niña will also impact the winter forecast for the province. The Weather Network says that a continued "lake effect" could happen in Ontario.

"However, what that means for us across the Great Lakes is that the storm track will be pushing through the region," TWN meteorologist Nadine Powell says.

"So what that means is that if you do get storms tracking more toward the west, that could mean an injection of milder air into Ontario, and we could see more milder conditions with storms as they roll through," Powell later adds.

If the storms are coming more from the south, however, colder air could actually spread across the Great Lakes, which could lead to ice and snow hitting Ontario. TWN is predicting there will be more precipitation than usual to spread across Ontario due to the storm track.

Those who are dreading the cold winter air can breathe a sigh of relief, as they're expecting a lack of severely cold temperatures to hit Ontario during January and February. But, there will still be "typical winter weather" for December. Just a couple of days before December, Toronto saw its first serious snowfall of the season.

Earlier this year, The Weather Network said the weather heading into this holiday season was going to be some of the worst that Ontario has seen over the last 25 years due to the "abundance of lake-effect snow." So you might want to bundle up.

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