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Ontario's Spring Forecast Is Likely Going To Start Up As A Warm & Rainy Mess

The first few weeks of spring will have you swapping your winter boots for your rain boots, as Ontario's spring forecast is calling for a lot of rain.

According to the Farmer's Almanac long-range weather forecast for southern Ontario, the weather starting off the season will be all over the place with a mix of rain, shine and some snow.

The first 10 days of March will likely see some rainy periods but the temperatures will be mild. Then, the province continues through mid-March, the Almanac forecasts the rain will turn to snow for the eastern part of southern Ontario while western areas will enjoy some sunny (but cold) weather.

From March 20 to March 24, there will likely be some mild rainy periods, and the month will end off with bouts of rain for southeastern Ontario and snow for southwestern.

The average temps for March will be above normal at around 3 degrees, and about 85 millimetres of rain will fall for the month, which is 30 millimetres above average.

As for the rest of the spring season, the Farmer's Almanac is forecasting that it'll be "warmer and rainier than normal" in April and May, so get your umbrellas and rain boots ready.

For the rest of February, it's looking like Ontario will see all sorts of precipitation, from rain to snow showers and even some flurries during the last week of the month.

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